Firefox Developer Edition (Or, What's you browser?)

(Mark Senff) #21

Yea, at home I still have 34 (it shows the media queries) and here at work I have 35 (which doesn’t show them). Why on earth would this have been removed (if it was done on purpose)??!?

I had the idea that people were going back to Firefox again (heard more and more stories about how it was Chrome’s turn to become bloated and slow and crashing and…), but man, this is not the way to win the people back.

(Jimmy Smutek) #22

Hey, you must have missed my post prior to yours. Turns out it’s a bug, they’re aware of it and working on a fix. :slight_smile:

(Mark Senff) #23

Oh! I actually read “it isn’t a bug, it’s a regression”…and was like “whuuu…??? hmm…”.

(Jimmy Smutek) #24

Yeah man. I read through the ticket and my interpretation is that there’s a fix, but it’s not going to be out until v37, since v36 is about to come out.

We can definitely take this up to 37, please nominate for uplift once it’s landed on central. 36 is about to go out the door and the RC is already with users, this isn’t a serious enough regression to justify a respin but I’ll leave the nomination for tracking so Sylvestre, who’s on point for 36, can confirm his opinion.