Freemium Plugins: Conversion Rates

(Calum Allison) #1


Im writing a blog post on the conversion rates for freemium plugins and I was wondering if there are any plugin owners who would like to share how many paying customers they have.

Just trying to get an idea of the conversion rates for different plugins. Thought this would be useful information for people looking to start a wordpress plugin business.

For example with Ultimate Member we have just passed the 6,000 active installs and have 258 paying customers which is a conversion rate of 4.3% roughly (assuming every install is for a different user).

Would be very grateful if any other plugin owners could share their stats.


(Leland Fiegel) #2

Was jut about to mention Ultimate Member until I realized you were part of Ultimate Member. :smiley:

I’d be interested as well. @Pippin from Easy Digital Downloads probably has some killer numbers. @michaeltieso from WooThemes as well.

Not sure how much they’d be willing to share but worth a try. Any other freemium plugin authors care to share their conversion rates?

(Pippin Williamson) #3

I’ve given my numbers to @calumallison already, so I’ll not spoil that part of his blog post :slight_smile:

(Matt Medeiros) #4

Where is this blog post, @pippin?

I’d say our conversion rate is hovering around 1% for our freemium theme upsells.

We haven’t begun to upsell our plugin other than organic marketing, but I’ll be starting soon. We just passed 11k Downloads with 4k+ actives, so I’m thinking it’s time :smile:

(Calum Allison) #5

@MattMedeiros Still to be written. Need to find enough plugin owners who are willing to share how many paying customers they have before it can be written.

If you, @pippin or @leland know anyone who you think would be happy to share how many paying customers they have I would sure appreciate it if you could provide me with a Twitter username so I can get in contact with them!


(Ionut Neagu) #6

We have 700 paid customers for Revive Old Post ( ) which has 50k active installs . However depends a lot on the distribution channels and how aggresive they are .

(Matt Medeiros) #7

check with:
James Laws - Ninja Forms
Jason Coleman - Paid Membership Pro
David Hehenberger - Fatcat Apps
Phil Derksen -

(Calum Allison) #8

Got number from James. Will try Jason and Phil. Reached out to David but he decided not to which is fair enough. Not everyone feels comfortable revealing stuff like this.


(Erick Danzer) #9

We’d be happy to share for NextGEN Gallery. We’ve got roughly 16,000 premium users based on roughly 1.3 million active installs. We’re adding premium users at a pace of about 8-9K per year since launching NextGEN Pro in 2013. If you want any additional info, feel free to shoot me an email. I’ll look forward to seeing your post!

(Calum Allison) #10

Thanks Erick for sharing! How have you estimated active installs of 1.3 million? Because when installs go above 1 million the range the next time NextGen active installs inceases is when it goes past 2 million?

(Erick Danzer) #11

Hey Calum - that’s actually the number from For the first day or so when they made the recent change to show active installs on the plugin repository, they were showing the actual number (rounded down to the nearest 100,000) for the 1 million+ plugins like they do for those below 1 million. NextGEN was showing 1,300,000+.

Now, they’re just showing “1 million +” for any/all plugins that have more than 1 million installs. Doesn’t matter if you have 1,000,001 million or 2 million or more.

(Rhys Wynne) #12

Hi there,

I have about 300 paying customers from 10,000 active installs of WP Email Capture, so about 3% conversion rate.

I should point out I’m not really actively promoting it as I’m currently rewriting it. I’m expecting a jump of subscribers when v3 is released, but at the moment it averages about 3-4 sales/month.

(Calum Allison) #13

Thanks for sharing Rhys!

(Neil Murray) #14

It’s very early days for Contact Form 7 Skins (plugin released only April 9, 2015) but the conversion rate is currently 0.6%.

(Maeve Lander) #15

My conversion rate is quite varied across my freemium plugins:

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player ~6%
WP Catalogue ~10%
Logo Slider ~0.5%
PayPal Responder ~7%

Hope that helps :slight_smile:
Oh and no marketing at all, just upselling from .org repo.

(Derek) #16

Did this article ever get written? I was just about to reach out to a few of these same people as I am curious to compare conversion rates for my freemium plugin

(Frank) #17

Hi @calumallison, Did you ever get to write the blog post? I am quite interested in your findings.