Fundraising plugins for Nonprofits?


Hey everyone!

I work with several nonprofits and fundraising is always an issue. I’ve been thinking of creating some online fundraising campaigns. So far, there have been some pretty good plugin options available but so far Donorbox seems to be the cheapest - Their website says the first $1000 in donations is free and after that its 1%. The donation process looks quick which is great because I dont want donating to be a long annoying process. Has anyone here had any experience with using Donorbox?

(Moeez) #2

Well there are many WordPress donation plugins that you can use to raise funds. Give is the more popular donation plugin and I think that would be enough for your needs.

You can also try Donorbox which is a new plugin and very effective.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

I think Give is the go-to for WordPress donation plugins.

DonorBox is a platform-agnostic service. I think you also need to hook up a Stripe or PayPal account for payment processing, so I think the 1% fee you mentioned is on top of that.

With Give, you would just pay Stripe/PayPal processing fees + a fixed cost for any premium plugin addons you may buy from them. The base plugin is free.

I’d focus your research more on payment processors rather than “fundraising plugins” because the brunt of the cost is going to be through the processor. Besides Stripe and PayPal, there is Braintree (I think this is also owned by PayPal lol), and a handful of others.

(Rafael) #4

Good to know. Thanks for sharing.
I’ve been working on a platform for helping publishers monetize, not necessarily non-profits. Hope to share for feedback soon.