GDPR appling issue

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

I am in Canada. GDPR, Does it apply only to countries in the European Union like France, Croatia, etc…and not non-EU countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus and so forth or does it apply to ALL European countries?

I am debating if I just redirect EU or all European visitors (depending on answer above), to a youtube video, explaining that they can’t visit my site due to GDPR.

I don’t like the taste in my mouth of EU telling me what to do in my site.

(Faruk Erdogan) #2

Hi @MiroslavGlavic,

The problem is not only geological but also EU citizenship side. I mean, a person holds a citizenship from Germany but this person lives in Canada or any other country which is not a member of EU, your website responsible to protect his data as GDPR. Because GDPR says that all service provider should protect EU user’s data as explained in GDPR.

Of course, you can redirect the people who located in EU to a Youtube video or any other informative page but it is not an exact solution.

You have to work on GDPR or you should get a consultation about GDPR if you collect too much data about your users.

For biggining this website is the best;