GoDaddy Plugin Partnership?

(Jeffrey Carandang) #1

Hi Everyone,

Anyone has a plugin approved on ? I’ve submitted my Widget Options Plugin ( ) a few weeks ago and haven’t got any response. Any thoughts? Thanks!


(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

My guess is the volume of requests they get that it takes a while to respond.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

Looks like @danieliser, @johnturner, and @wpmodder have plugins listed there. Wonder if any of them have any insights?

Also looks like it could use an update because Clef just announced they’re shutting down.

(Daniel Iser) #4

@leland - Haha, give them a little time haha, I mean clef just announced like 2 days ago lol.

In terms of wait and process, don’t get your hopes up for a quick addition to the list. I applied for Popup Maker ~2 years ago and got added ~8 months ago.

That said its not so much an application & review process you are waiting for. Having spoken with a few people from GoDaddy at various WordCamps and conferences including Jeff King the VP in charge of all things WP & Hosting. They don’t approve everyone, they are primarily looking at your install rates on their servers. By my estimations that is somewhere between 5k & 10k installs on their servers. For a new plugin that is going to take some time. Even PM took a while with 70k installs to get on the list cause we just didn’t meet their threshold.

Once your on the list though your set. They will work with you if any performance issues or bugs come up to ensure maximum compatibility, though I have never had to do this so far.

Just my experience. Love to see what others experience has been.

(John Turner) #5

Yep, takes a few months. Don’t sweat it :wink:

(Jeffrey Carandang) #6

Thank you @danieliser @johnturner I’ll just wait for them to reply. Just thought that they have more reviewers in this kind of offering since they’re a large company but I guess I expected too much. Thanks again!


(Daniel Iser) #7

@phpbits your not incorrect in assuming GoDaddy has a lot of staff, but they also have hundreds if not thousands of individual projects and most staff are dedicated to their own realm. In this case the Plugin Partnership project only has one or two from my last inquiry and they are not full time.

(Jeff C) #8

It’s worth noting that Jeff King is no longer with GoDaddy.