Google removes authorship from results

I always thought this was a cool feature. I noticed they removed faces from authorship not too long ago, but now it’s completely gone.

I posted some quick thoughts about it on my blog here:

Some takeaways:

  • What if it was “too” successful? (i.e. taking valuable clicks away from better results that didn’t have authorship)
  • Structured data (i.e. will still be used and expanded, although I wouldn’t be surprised if certain ones got axed as well.
  • You should still have a Google+ page for your brand as they still show up in search results. Can’t hurt to have one anyway.

Overall, while I’ll miss the feature (both as a webmaster and a user) I’m not going to lose too much sleep over it.

I have same thinking as you Leland. Google Authorship is cool and helpful. Furthermore, it also brings some creative functions to Google. I don’t’ know why they decided to remove the feature :frowning:

Adoption vs Adaptation. Webmasters did adopt but did users actually adapt to the feature on google search? And i think the answer is that barely a minority of people that searches on used that feature. case in point look at sites that deals with gaming, they thrive without implementing or complying to that specifications/ recommendation. Ive seen some peeps of the seo community go completely nuts about this. Sometimes i just find them being stuck on seo bubble if beleifs. But hey just my opinion :wink:

I certainly hope Google and others don’t abandon schema markup. I’ve been trying to get this on an upcoming site redesign so have a fair number of hours into the effort. I think it makes it better for everyone.

Google has mentioned that they won’t be abandoning the rel=“author” markup and have stated that it will still be considered as valuable index data. They have simply abandoned the whole rel=“author” + Google Profile = Avatar in Search Results thing.

So, you have nothing to worry about (yet), wmd. :slight_smile:

The will still shown the author’s name with authorship… right? Though I saw that somewhere.

I’m not 100% sure, I’m seeing different answers from different Google people. The only thing that I know for sure is that having rel=“author” will still help your site to be found by searching for your name.