Guest publishing - the theory and application

(Hudson Atwell) #1

Hey guys,

I’m wondering about guest publishing and why people do it. At, which I recently purchased from colleague David Wells, we get guest article submissions a few times a month. Some are low quality, some are super high. Some authors that post once, want to post again.

In my time in affiliate and product marketing I’ve never really understood the mindset of content writers and guest publishing. I won’t say that I am an empty cup, but I do believe there are stronger internal narratives available than the one I’ve developed overtime.

Enlighten me!

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Breaking my own pet-peeve of “no offtopic posts” here but…wow, that’s huge news. Congrats!

Anyway, getting spammy requests for guest posting is nothing new. Believe it or not, I get guest posting offers all the time for WP Chat, from people who don’t realize they could just sign up and post it themselves.

If they’re of super high quality, I don’t see any reason to say no. Even better if they want to post another.

I suppose people guest post for a few reasons:

  • To expose themselves to a bigger audience than on their own site.
  • To expose themselves to a new audience in a different, but related niche.
  • To build a symbiotic relationship with the owner of the receiving site.

IMO, it’s a win-win. The guest poster gets exposure, and the guest postee gets fresh, relevant content for their site without doing any actual writing work themselves.

(Tony Bui) #3

Well, Interesting topic, but seems not much people are involved in the discussion or it didn’t cover people who are frequently doing that.

Guest publishing is the good way for expanding our expertise of certain niche to the broader audience. From time to time we also receive a lot of requests asking for guest blogging, especially not hi - quality, just a bad made research with low quality images, they even don’t resize it to make the blog post looks great.

As the guest blogger you have to care about the quality of the content first, understand the audience of the blog which you would like to share your expertise. Sadly, not much people understand that so there is the huge volume of declining…

Guest blogging as I see is the good beginning of building the long term partnership or friendship. First of all, don’t think about yourself and benefits for yourself, instead, think about the audience and whether the content help them to “SOLVE” the problem.

(Hudson Atwell) #4


Thank you I’m really excited, and ready to earn a living from it. It’s taken a long time to get to a point where I’m comfortable calling Inbound Now an affordable ‘training wheel’ solution to Inbound Marketing and variant testing. I am hoping by 2017 we’ll be blowing minds.

For more about company performance you can see

What my ideal situation for Inbound Now would be to have a pool of authors who bid on writing articles on topics I come up with. Is there any networking services for writers like this? I’ve worked with elance and odesk but to be honest recruiting is harder work than writing the articles myself, and if I email blasted all my past guest contributors they could ignore my requests and steal the content ideas. And I haven’t built relationships with guest contributors… I don’t know what/how they view my channel.

Not that I believe I would have gotten anywhere in the product development world if I worried about theft, but I can’t help it!