Gutenberg expectations for plugin developers

(Nate Wright) #1

Hi everyone. I’ve been a bit out of touch, waiting for Gutenberg to drop, and it looks like it’s finally here. I have a few content plugins and I’d like to work on improving their integration with Gutenberg.

I’ve found the Gutenberg Handbook and the block examples, and I’m familiar with the JS ecosystem. I’ll be able to get up and running on the code side.

I am interested in the expectations/UX side. I would appreciate any links to discussions about what users might expect from plugins and Gutenberg. That could be:

  • Is converting a shortcode to a block enough or should we be doing more?
  • What does a good plugin integration consist of?
  • Examples of plugins that integrate well from a UX perspective.

I appreciate it’s still early days, but there must be some discussions about where user expectations are headed, and how to get out in front of them.