Has anybody tried Simply Static?

(John Kirker) #21

We can set the priority of files to be loaded by apache/nginx…

Would it be possible to have the static and dynamic versions of the site live in the same file structure - and load the html version of the files when there isn’t a post? If there is a post, execute the php version of the file.

Just a thought - don’t know how to do it but…

Or, maybe default to php, check for a post - if a post doesn’t exist, include the static version of the requested file. Of course, there’s some overhead with this method but much less with a simple include than processing the entire page dynamically.


Could this be done via .htaccess??


I think this is easily done with a static cache plugin. It will serve static files, when new post/comment is posted, it will clear that that page/file. Some plugins can even pre-load cache every time it’s cleared.