Hello from the UK

(Gary Avery) #1

Hi and wow! This forum software amazing…

My name is Gary and I’m a chimney sweep based in Bristol UK.
I use WP for my business website and a couple of other sites I manage. I don’t code much so I rely on WP and its plugins to help me put together sites.
In the past I’ve helped out with testing for various Linux distros/apps but now I’ve caught the wordpress bug.

Looking forward to chatting and learning.

(Jeff C) #2

Hey a chimney sweeper, come and do mine, then repair it! :smile: Welcome to the community we have growing here. Luckily for you, there is a ton of WordPress stuff that takes editing code out of the equation. Have you attended any WordCamps yet or know of any close by? WordCamp Europe is right around the corner.

(Gary Avery) #3

Thanks Jeffro, pay my flight and I’ll pop over and fix your chimney anytime!

No, not attended any camps yet. There was one in Manchester recently. But like most folks, I was working and could not attend :frowning:
Still this forum is shaping up nicely and maybe the next best thing.

(Jeff C) #4

Only with the contributions and discussions of everyone getting involved will it become a thing of beauty. Again, thanks for signing up and being part of the discussions here. It’s great to see we’re already getting members from all across the globe.

(Leland Fiegel) #5

Hey Gary, thanks so much for joining! Hope you find your stay enjoyable.

(Olaf Lederer) #6

lol only a 2-3 hours flight.

@aZZa, Welcome!

(Gary Avery) #7

Thanks guys, I look forward to contributing in someway.