Help finding the right membership plugin

There is a number of membership plugins on the market today.

In the latest months I had a number of clients that operates B2B, and need a functionality that I find only in the Whishlist Members plugin, and want to give them an alternative because of some limitations.

With WLM the admin can create custom registration forms with custom user fields inside, and associate an encrypted unique address to each them. The client uses this functionality to create a different registration form for each company, and let the company bulk register their employees by themselves. I can then tell what company the new user belongs to through a special hidden field added to each registration form and take the appropriate actions in my plugins.

I could recreate the same functionality in a plugin by myself but that would be just a registration plugin and not a complete membership solution, which is what I need.

I wonder if you guys know of any membership plugin that offers this functionality.

WishList Member is gross, so good to hear you’re looking at alternatives.

I’m thinking a combination of Gravity Forms and the Members plugin by @justintadlock might work well for you. This would allow you to set up different forms with hidden fields unique to each company. Then use Members to to do whatever member-y stuff you need to do after.

Also as a side note, Chris Lema has been crushing membership plugin reviews this month. Worth checking them out if you have time.

I missed that series, thank you for the link, very interesting indeed

I think you have to try ARMember WordPress Membership Plugin. ARMember has almost 6000+ customer with a bunch of features like Restrict your website content effortlessly ,Unique membership setup wizard,** Built-in advanced form builder, Drip feed content,Profiles and directories with templates, Pay Per Post Setup Wizard And much more with just 49$ with lifetime free update.