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So I am in the planning phase of a new wordpress site for a sports club. They have a list of requirements which I am looking into, i wondered if anyone here had any experience of similar features which they would like to share. Other then the standard pages, the club requires;

  • New membership sign up process
  • Training calendar
  • New membership communication process
  • Events sign up
  • Shop to pay for various items (events, membership etc…)
  • Custom event email lists

Any thoughts on the above would be very welcome

I’ve never made a site for a sports club before, but it seems like a lot of these can be effectively handled by WooCommerce extensions and some other tools.

WooCommerce Memberships for the membership sign up and initial payment processing, Tickets for WooCommerce for selling tickets to events, Newsletter Subscription for subscribing customers to various MailChimp lists.

If the training calendar is separate from “events” and doesn’t need direct integration with payment stuff, you could probably just embed a Google Calendar on a page.

Pinging @hlashbrooke and @michaeltieso to see if they have additional thoughts.

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Hi, thanks for the really helpful reply.

I just thought I would expand upon some of the requests to see if those plug ins are still a viable option.

Membership sign up:
We envisaged the sign up process being similar to the following:

  1. User fills in membership details on sign up page
  2. Details sent to membership sectary for authorisation
  3. Upon approval, user receives a verification code to enter into the site
  4. Once verification code is accepted, user is taken to the shopping cart for payment

New membership communication process
I was thinking this could be as simple as a club email address is provided, once someone emails it, that message is forwarded to everyone else who is subscribed to the list. Viable?

Custom event email list
Once the user has signed up for an event, a custom event email list is created, the user can then email other subscribers without having to email individuals who are not attending. This could be a very similar process to the above membership communication. Again, is this viable?

Thanks again

The membership authentication sounds like a huge hassle for the customer. WooCommerce Membership doesn’t have that feature automatically but it could certainly be done. It’s a bit more manual though.

  1. The user would register for a “free” account.
  2. You receive the order via email.
  3. You email the customer a 100% coupon code.
  4. Customer checks out with the coupon code.

Yeah, I don’t quite follow. What’s the purpose of the “authorisation”? Fraud prevention?

I also don’t get why you want to allow other members to email each other. Why not just do a typical newsletter format?

If you’re deadset on that, you might want to look into Google Groups. Running all those emails through your own server could be a pain.


Thanks again everyone, it is really helpful to get a different perspective on how the site should work.

The authorisation is so that the membership secretary can keep an eye on which of the current membership have renewed. However, saying this, now it’s been pointed out, I too am starting to think this is over egging the pudding. The membership secretary can always log in and check the details online.

The communication process is to encourage the membership to be active within the club. So they want an official email, for official statements from the committee. However, if it’s just a member ask the rest of the club if they want to go for a ride or whatever, then it’s a lot more user friendly if they can just email an single address, that email is then pushed to everyones mail box. Will also be easier to manage if that list is connected to the above membership list.

The events list is the same principle as above, but only applies if that group is attending the same event, to organise car shares and so forth.

Does that explain it well enough?

I’d say Woocommerce Subscriptions will be more than enough. Most of the time, it’s about how you handle the community rather than the features you provide.

If the website is just getting started (as in, they are gathering members from scratch), then it’s best not to sweat the details too much. You can set up a really good system, but you really can’t predict how your members will react to it or what they will ask next. So, you want to have a rather simple system in place and then expand slowly as your community develops.

I’m with @leland and @michaeltieso in that authentication is a hassle. That’s something that you should only develop if there is a need for it, so don’t worry about going ahead and setting that aside for the time being.

Then maybe set up a Google Group for those that are interested in carpooling, if there’s enough demand?

I get that they’re trying to foster a friendly and helpful community and whatnot, and maybe I’m not fully understanding the context, but it seems like they’re putting the cart before the horse here (kind of like they did with the “authorisation” thing).

As far as “official statements from the committee,” a simple MailChimp list should suffice, with users getting signed up in your on-boarding process.

I just don’t think this is something that should be overthought, when the top priority should be getting the basic membership/event/shop functionality up and running first.

This might be true depending on what it means to be a member. WooCommerce Memberships allows for content restriction while Subscriptions does not. Combined however these two extensions are very powerful and work very well together.

Makes sense. In WooCommerce you can set it up so whenever there’s a new order you receive an email to whomever you want.

HI everyone,

I am a bit further along with my research for this site now and I just wanted to run some of these plug ins by you for an opinion.

I also have a couple of questions regarding the individual plug ins:

WooCommerce Subscription
The site only requires one subscription, the membership renewal, is this plug in overkill?

WooCommerce Memberships
Will this allow members with the right permissions to look up other members details? I essentially need a membership list to show members.

Newsletter Subscription

I’m not sure I need this, wouldn’t WooCommerce Memberships have a similar feature?

Events calendar

This looks like it will handle the events section of the site very well, any opinions on how good it is?

As for the rest, I thought the training calendar section could be run by google, alternatively it could just be a recurring event of the events calendar? Plus, Facebook could handle membership communications maybe? Still like the idea of having a single email address a member can just email and that is pushed to all signed up members. But this seems way more complicated then previously imagined.