HeroPress's First Essay

HeroPress went live with its first essay today, and I’m curious about what folks think about it: http://heropress.com/essays/finding-your-place/


First of all, really glad to know you’re moving forward with HeroPress!

I liked @Rarst’s essay a lot. I think a lot of self-reflecting writing (not just in the WordPress world) embellishes the positive and glosses over (or more than likely, outright ignores) the negative. Not the case in this essay, and I think it makes it a lot more believable and relatable.

If I had to critique, to an outsider looking in, I can imagine some parts of the story not being entirely clear, but maybe this was by design to encourage more outside research from the reader.

Overall, great essay. And can’t wait for the next one.

Oh, I think WordPress is especially bad at it. WP has a great community… The issue is it’s not ideal community, it often tries to present itself as.

The certain vagueness of detail is intentional, I did have to paint through six years with one pretty broad stroke. That said do remember English isn’t my native language too.

If you could point out specific points, I could elaborate here to satisfy your curiosity. :slight_smile:

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Definitely. I think more light can be brought to this.

Like when you said your “qualities” were “increasingly questioned” …do you mean internally? Or were other people doing the questioning? How?

When you said the “lows got lower” it seemed like this was sparked by the US visa denial and subsequently not being able to attend the Community Summit. Or were there other factors that preceded/succeeded?

What were examples of some of the “oldest strategic ideas into reality” or was it just expanding PHP knowledge outside of a WordPress focus?

I meant at my first WordPress job internally.

Visa denial was one of the last straws on top of work situation, already having me burnt me out pretty bad.

I decided against turning this part into “look what I’ve done” list. I think the short list on top of my head would be:

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The more I hear from this guy, the more I like. :slight_smile:

There are a couple of fine English words for much that flies under the banner of “optimism” and “idealism,” and they are bullshit and snakeoil. There is no community or marketplace without them, but it’s not much of a community or market that gets buried in them.

It’s a good thing, and so is your stuff at ostraining. Keep it up! :thumbsup: