Horrible domain registrars/hosting companies

(Miroslav Glavić) #1

So I have been with one company, here in Canada, for 12+ years. the only bad thing about them is that you can only register with them

  • .com
  • .ca
  • .net
  • .org
  • .biz
  • .in
  • .info
  • .us

What if I want a .ninja for example?

So I got some domains with 1and1, HostGator and GoDaddy. GoDaddy sponsored WordCampToronto 2-3 times.

1and1 asked me to scan my document and send it to them, including copy of CC (only the last 4 digits shown).

I have NEVER had to do this with ANY of the domain/hosting companies EVER in over 20 years that I had domains.

HostGator’s customer support is beyond horrible, could this be due to EIG (or whatever it is called) owning them? When I called them I was on hold for 15-20 minutes at least, each time.
Even if I called them at 3am.

GoDaddy, they give you low prices first year, then later years it can be 5x the price for 1st year. I seriously hate that. It should be same price for renewal/transfer/new.

I got a reseller account with someone else. I am slowly transfering all my 221 domains (2 weeks before each expires, I transfer them). Same for clients. I will transfer them before renewal.

I remember my first Domain/Hosting Company…20+ years ago $49.99 per month for hosting. I can’t remember their domain prices. They don’t exist now. Moved out long time ago.

How do you choose D/H companies? I don’t trust reviews, a lot of those “xyz sucks” is the competition writing those reviews.

(Yash Chandra) #2

For domain, I use namecheap. So far, happy with them even though there is always one or two horror stories about every registrar.

For hosting, I keep away from any company that throws the kitchen sink at you. I look for specialists rather than generalists. That makes companies like go daddy, host gator etc a no go for me. Too generic and full of BS like “unlimited” which we all know what it means. I also stay away from shared hosting but I guess it is the nature of my business that anything under a VPS just won’t cut it. And yea, stay away from any company that is owned by EIG. They have a history of being bad.

I can personally recommend these guys below if you want a Dedicated server. No affiliation but just a very happy client. They even send you a picture of your server (yes, really) when you sign-up.


For VPS, Digitalocean is good these days if you have a dev-ops hat on. Even AWS but be ready to do a lot of dev ops stuff. No CPanel type of stuff on these (well unless you install cpanel yourself)

For managed wordpress specifically, flywheel, wpengine, pagely etc are decent.

(Leland Fiegel) #3

I like NameCheap. I sometimes use GoDaddy if they have a good deal on initial registration, but I make sure to transfer it out before I get hit with their (usually) much higher renewal rate. Although both seem to have suitable hosting solutions now, I subscribe to the “old school” mantra that you shouldn’t host where you register your domains, and vice versa.

I will say that I’d rather host a site at a domain registrar than get my domain from a hosting company. You’ll notice that if you do a WHOIS check on a domain registered through a hosting company, it’s often not you listed as the admin contact, but the hosting company. This can make it difficult if you want to transfer out. Since you’re technically not the owner, you won’t have much recourse (besides publicly complaining) if the hosting company decides to be jerks about it.

Also, 1and1 is on my list of “never do any business with” companies. I’ve heard way too many horror stories to deal with them.

(Donna McMaster) #4

Another vote for Namecheap. Have been using and recommending them for 5+ years with no problems.

I’m sure there are others just as good but I don’t know which they are, and some are truly awful. DotEasy was the WORST. It took over six months to transfer a dozen names from them, and they piled on an amazing number of extra charges and bogus rules to slow down the process.

(Leland Fiegel) #5

More like DotSleazy.

dodges tomatoes

(Donna McMaster) #6

Regarding hosting companies, I like to check the reviews at http://webhostingtalk.com/. Several basic shared hosting providers (*nix, Apache, cPanel) that consistently get good marks are StableHost, Hawk Host, BigScoots, CrocWeb, MDDHosting. I’ve used StableHost and MDDHosting for budget-minded clients with good results.

Several of my colleagues use and recommend SiteGround and DreamHost. Both have some level of WP semi-managed hosting. SiteGround runs Nginx; both have proprietary control panels. DreamHost’s control panel includes free installation of Let’s Encrypt SSL certs. Both are friendly to developers with Git, etc.

Have also heard good reports on DigitalOcean and Flywheel.

I have a few sites on WP Engine but haven’t been impressed. Have had mixed results from their tech support; SSL certs are unreasonably expensive; they’ve had some downtime and backups failures.

(Donna McMaster) #7

I should also mention that if you’re looking for a managed VPS, I highly recommend WiredTree. I’ve been with them three years and am super happy. Fast servers and stellar customer service.

(Miroslav Glavić) #8

Reviews are bullshit. I don’t trust them.

You can get “5-star reviews” on fiverr for $5.

The good reviews could be staff or friends from that host, and the negatives could be from competition.

(Donna McMaster) #9

I agree that most review sites are not to be trusted. But have you spent any time on WHT? They work hard to make sure that people who post (positive or negative) are not affiliated. And I would never go by one comment. People have no hesitation to post on WHT about problems with a host, so when you find one that has no negatives, and is recommended often, it’s as good a review as you’re going to get from someone you don’t know personally.

And for the record, I don’t appreciate your calling my opinion bullsh*t. There are other ways to express yourself.


(Leland Fiegel) #10

[quote=“donnamcmaster, post:9, topic:1552”]
And for the record, I don’t appreciate your calling my opinion bullsh*t. There are other ways to express yourself.
[/quote]I don’t think Miroslav was calling your opinion that word, just reviews in general. But anyway, @MiroslavGlavic, let’s try to keep the language here G-rated from now on.

Web Hosting Talk is a different breed when it comes to web hosting reviews. They’ve seen it all when it comes to phony reviews, and are very good at determining whether a review is legit or not.

I don’t think it’s fair to lump them in with the same “Best Web Hosting!!” review sites that just list all the EIG-owned hosts.

(Donna McMaster) #11

Thanks, Leland, and agree I was probably too sensitive.

@MiroslavGlavic, in case you’re interested, here are the forum rules for WHT: http://www.webhostingtalk.com/faq.php?faq=mission_vision_rules

(Miroslav Glavić) #12

I never called you or your posts the B word. I called most reviews the B word.

I clicked the link, I read it for some strange reason, it’s 15 minutes to 11pm my timezone and amazingly I read all the text in that link, instead of waiting until the morning which most people do. I will read it all again in the morning, as I am going to bed now.

Just so you know…trust is earned not given. I will challenge most people’s opinions to see any bias (in the reviews).

(Donna McMaster) #13

I understand.

I’ve been a member of WHT since January 2003. I’ve posted positive and negative reviews when I had relevant experience. I’ve chosen at least 6 or 8 hosting companies based on reviews there and have never been steered wrong. I don’t ever look at just a single review; I usually spend at least a couple of hours searching various companies and looking at the experience others have had. Sadly, most companies tend to decline after a few years (or less if they’re acquired by EIG), so then I go back to WHT and look for a new one.

(handle at WHT=coloma http://www.webhostingtalk.com/member.php?u=26569)

(Miroslav Glavić) #14

my original idea for this thread was to talk about horrible domains registrars/hosting companies not for recomendations.

this is to all you above. I should of been more clear.

(R0man) #15

DotEasy.com - I confirm that. Don’t choose them, you’ll spend time and money for nothing. The service is also poor, no TTL changes possible, no API, etc.