How do you find a new WordPress job


I’m currently looking for a new job. I’ve been freelancing working for agencies for a while, and I want to find a full time position now. I want to keep working with WordPress. Specifically in plugin development. I’ve been doing front-end theme development for the past 5 years and I’m kind of tired of it now, and want to focus on the backend. It’s what I really enjoy doing right now.

The trouble I’m having is finding a position for plugin development. I’m not sure where to look. I have no trouble finding the usual theme development position, but not for plugins.

So I’m wondering if anyone else have gone through this and can offer some advice for finding a plugin dev job.

(Nick) #2

Hello @wpgaijin , have you tried contacting several plugins developers for ask if you can integrate their team?
Show them examples of what you have accomplished with WordPress, if they likes your work, they will contact you.
Have you created plugins already?

(Jason) #3

If you want to do something niche like that, you’ll need to find either a plugin team (e.g. Delicious Brains) or a large agency (e.g. WebDev, 10up), as a smaller agency would likely need you to wear more hats than just plugin development.

At a glance, I see that WebDevStudios is looking to hire a back-end dev:


Ha! I just turned down for a job, because I’m overqualified. They said that they were very impressed with my qualifications, but they decided to go with another dev because “I was more than what they were looking for”

Christ, I think my career is over. That was the first time I ever got turn down for a job because I was “too good”.

That, or they’re worried I’d end up being too expensive and are too cheep to pay for it.

Man, this has been a pain. I’m finally at a point where I can potentially do about anything, but I can’t find the right places that want to hire someone like that.

(Nick) #5

You must persevere, you will perhaps still have several refusals, but continue.
Before starting my own site, I worked for a small company, I had contacted at least 30 sites for their request if they needed a developer, most did not even respond to me and the others to me said no, one site to kindly take me to the test and I worked several months.
So continue to contact sites in the area you want to do, and if your work is good, I’m sure that a team take you with them :slight_smile: