How does rank plugins in search results?

I am thinking to code few plugins for Wordpress. It may help me for my resume as I can show them in my portfolio.

and to be honest I already coded one, but it no where seen in wordpress directory :sweat: when i search for “email subscription”. [example]. I see the somewhere in 3rd page.

I want to know what all factors wordpress considers while ranking plugins in its directory.

I am ready to follow all tips. cause getting some installs and when people starts asking me questions and new feature requests it will motivate me.

I think keeps its search ranking algorithms pretty close to the vest, kind of like Google does, to prevent gaming.

I’d imagine it’s some combination of: active installs, download count, recency, average rating, review count, support forum resolved rate, support forum post count, and who knows what else.

A brand new plugin probably won’t just magically rank on the first page, no matter how good it is.

For tips, you might want to read past discussions on how to promote free WordPress plugins. There’s a bunch of them here on WP Chat.

It’s also worth noting that your plugins not being ranked as high as you’d like won’t stop you from adding them to your portfolio and referencing them in your résumé. You might want to add them on GitHub too just so hiring managers can more easily browse through your code.

@jack - If you want to know the real details follow this trac ticket for the new plugin search engine:

But to sum it up @leland has it about right. They take a lot of factors into account, each is weighted differently though. They don’t post the actual weighting in that thread but they do list priorities if you read through it.

There is no one way to game the system in this case. Take my plugin Popup Maker (no link cause I’m not trying to promote. Search for it, you will find it. On the current site search its like #15 for “popup” or “popups”, but on the new plugin search based on that ticket ( its #1 for nearly any search. This is due to mostly active installs, reviews, avg rating & more importantly keyword matches.

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