How to add a new page to an existing Elementor Template

Over a year ago I created a website in WordPress using Elementor. Unfortunately, I had a heart attack and was not able to continue working on the site until a couple of months ago. The core web page was done with a couple of page templates. Now I am getting back into it and adding pages.

My problem is that I cannot remember how to add a new page using the Elementor Template I created.
When I create a new page, the Elementor template does not show in Page Attributes > Template.

How do I get my template to show so that I can create a new page using the Elementor Template.

I look forward to your answer, Jim

I finally figured it out. I had the cart before the horse. To add a template to a new page you first open the new page with Elementor and from the blank page, click on the folder in the center of the page and select My Templates. This opens the templates page and allows you to select the template of choice.

Hopefully this helps someone else.