How to bulk approve posts?

(Rob) #1

I have been testing a site I’m developing and surprised that there isn’t a way to bulk approve moderated posts. I will have many authors and all posts will have to be approved. It does make sense actually that the regular flow would be that you look and read the actual post before approving it. But on the posts list page I have columns that show me enough info whether to approve a post or not, so in my case I don’t actually need to go in and read every post.

Anyways, surprised there’s not an option for this. Has anyone else had this problem?


Do you mean changing the status to publish? Because you can do that in bulk.

(Rob) #3

@maiki you’re a genius! ok or maybe I’m just not familiar with the bulk edit feature. Feel a little dumb but at least I can do it now. :sunglasses:

Thank you!


If you end up with a lot of content and need to feather it out over time, I recommend Edit Flow. You can also create custom statuses, and they can also be bulk modified from the post screen. :slight_smile:

(Rob) #5

Goot to know. Not in this case for this site but will definetly bookmark this one. Looks good.