How to create a multi-section WordPress website?

(Madushan) #1

How to create a WordPress multi-section website that separated each section by a URL segment, but without using WordPress multi-site?


For each section, the theme and plugins should not be changed. (This is the only drawback in WordPress multi-site) But each section should be able to have a different menu, footer, and a landing page.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

A multilingual plugin like Polylang might be able to help with this. You can use conditionals to display different things depending on what “language” the user is on.

(Madushan) #3

Thanks for the help Leland. But the issue is Polylang is designed to create multilingual website. Here is a perfect example for What I’m trying to create.

They have separate menus, content & etc. for each territory.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Yeah but I don’t think you need to use it for multilingual purposes. I think you could ignore that part and treat different languages as “regions” and some PHP functions to check which “region” is active and display a different menu for it.