How to create the Credit system by plugins

(Houssam Westhoff) #1

Hi, Everyone!
i have the 2 payment options on website.

I want Customer to be able to purchase a bulk pack(multi selection)
classes at a discounted rate and apply those credits to classes of their choise.

I just tried it by PInpoint booking system and Checkfront Plugins, so far not getting them…

how can i integrate it by any plugins.


(Leland Fiegel) #2

When I saw this, the first thing that came to mind was the Credits addon for Easy Digital Downloads. However, it appears there’s an even more relevant addon called Points and Rewards (something I’ve never heard of before).

This support document describes pretty much exactly what you’re looking for:

I’m guessing you can combine with EDD Bookings if you also want people to schedule real-time classes (assuming that’s why you were looking at a “booking system”).

(Houssam Westhoff) #3

Thanks for response

Really i don’t have the woocommerce system.
Actually, i have 2 payment options

  1. The simple option people go online book and pay for the classes.
  2. I want Customer is able to purchase it with a discounted rate and apply those credits to classes of their choise.

How could this be integrated with any plugins?

(Yash Chandra) #4

I think you should give Woocommerce a shot. You can setup a “Product” and use automated discount coupons applied on the products based on the selection.

(Rob) #5

I recommend what @ychan said. WooCommerce will give you plenty of options. Any reason you are using your current setup?