How to find a WordPress hosting company that we can rely on?

(Mahdi Yazdani) #1

I understand finding a good and reliable WordPress hosting is hard, but I would like to ask you guys to share your experience with any service provider(s) you may have/had.

Currently, I am hosting on which was good at the time, but due to lots of recent downtimes and lack of knowledgeable support staffs, I am thinking to move on to flywheel instead.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #2

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want Managed WordPress hosting or VPS or any other type of hosting. Second is your budget and the number of sites you have. I too have several downtimes and have the same experiences that you are having right now with my previous hosting. As of the moment, I’m happy to switched to Kinsta and would love to recommend there services. Other hosting you might want to check out is CloudWays, they have great services too.

I hope this helps and most hosting provide free trials that you can take advantage of but it’s really time consuming and you’ll need to invest time comparing the speed and services.


(Mahdi Yazdani) #3

Personally, I would love to work with managed WordPress hosting which I believe can save the user from lots of headaches.

Did anyone get any experience with

(Jeffrey Carandang) #4

Talked to there sales rep before and seems great services too but unfortunately there pricing is beyond my budget :wink:

(David Skarjune) #5

Flywheel is a reliable host, but the decision depends upon your needs and budget. However, generic shared hosting is a legacy option to avoid, as it’s ripe for hacking beyond one’s control, suffers terrible performance, and typically has crap support, if any reliable support at all.

Managed WordPress is preferable for many reasons, but understand that accounts offer expert WordPress and rarely anything else. If you need to manage email accounts and other web services, you’re left to run that elsewhere, like Google G Suite for email. Still, there are many advantages with Managed WordPress, automated backups and staging are critical, so be sure to check how that works with any host.

Flywheel is a reputable provider, and their original model was to offer short-term free accounts to ramp up a site and then pass that off to the client to pay for. Brilliant! but they now seem to obfuscate their 14-day free trial, while still available.

For a little more price, many developers prefer WP Engine, but I’d recommend trying Pantheon for state-of-the-art developer support. Other high end options rise in price, and I don’t use them as I can roll together the same features at a much lower price than what the agencies are paying for that. BTW, Pantheon offers free forever staging accounts that can’t be beat.

On the commodity end of the scale, GoDaddy is the biggest player in the Managed WordPress ecosystem–no, not your old GoDaddy, it’s all new and shiny and easy to operate. I use them with clients who already have GoDaddy accounts for their domains, as you can’t beat their friendly 24/7 phone support. Disclaimer: I am a registered GoDaddy Pro, but I make no money as with so many affiliate programs, I just find it easy to use and hand off to clients.

If you like using cPanel to manage web services, SiteGround has an awesome hybrid of cPanel with Managed WordPress at commodity pricing. I use this for projects where I need flexibility with little budget.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #6

Didn’t know about the Pantheon.
Thanks for the suggestion.

(David Skarjune) #7

Pantheon also offers Managed Drupal, which is a unique offering. Disclaimer, I have close associates that work for Pantheon, and I admire their team.

(Yannick) #8

Dreamhost :wink:

(Nick) #9

Finding a good host today ain’t easy. At least not “based on budget, VPS or shared, managed or unmanaged”. Since the web hosting industry is oversaturated with subpar hosts, you have to sift through all of them and get to the good ones. So all EIG hosts like Bluehost and HostGator are out from the start.

The hosting industry is also oversaturated with good hosts. So you’ll have to compare all the good hosts like Kinsta, Pantheon, SiteGround, WP Engine, WPX Hosting etc, etc.

But you’ll also need to know how to choose an actual host, and it’s not that easy. Checking the REAL reviews, reading through their footprints and misleads, finding out which plugins you can('t) use on managed hosts etc.

Mind the shameless self-promotion, but we published a detailed guide on WordPress hosting on our website. I know it’s pretty long, but if you read through the “how to choose” guide and use the comparison table, you’ll be able to find a perfect fit, and I do mean perfect. No hassles, no migrating after finding out they suck or when the renewal invoice comes with x20 the amount you first paid. Better invest ~20 minutes finding a good host then spend 20 hours dealing with a bad one.

(Andrew McCauley) #10

Late to comment, but I’ve used Flywheel for several years now and have really liked them. They are focused on designers, so the dev features aren’t as robust as WP Engine.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #11

Thanks for sharing your experience, although I didn’t get notice the designer focused part.

(Alex MacArthur) #12

I’ve got very limited experience myself with Flywheel, but have heard tremendous things from people I know who use it.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #13

In case someone is wondering to know more about the flywheel, I can tell you that they do NOT have timely support and staff are way too slow to reply to your inquiry.

(Leland Fiegel) #16

I’m locking this thread because obvious sockpuppets won’t stop spamming it with their sketchy hosting companies.

Is there someone self-hosted without knowing codes?
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