How to growth my business? Am I going in the good direction?

(Yannick) #1

Hi guys !

I read a lot of trends in this forum, it’s really helpful. But I still wonder, how to growth my business.

Well, I know things about it, but I don’t want to finish in a deadend.

Let me explain : we’re a WP plugin (oh really? :p) to create and send newsletters (Jackmail).
Our business model is quite easy to understand, we’re the first plugin ever, to include a routing platform to send your campaign. So, you don’t have to fiddle with complicated smtp settings.
Just create and click on send, the plugin rely on our world class deliverability routing platform. This platform route about 8 to 10millions emails a day, so, we’re used to it.

We work that way :

  • plugin is free
  • support is free
  • all features are included and of course, free
  • we grant 3,000 emails per month for free (with a daily limit of 100 emails).

If you want to send more, we have very cheap plans with no commitment.

Basically, until now, we focused our business on bloggers, websites, users though.
But now, we’re more like trying to reach hosters, agencies, influenceurs.

Sometimes, hosters have trouvles with theirs users trying to send newsletters with the hoster’s smtp and it’s a pain for them. Putting our plugin would help them to educate theirs users.

We had participate at the WCEU as a sponsor with a big booth, and we’re now trying to sponsorize small WordCamp around the world.

Are we doing the right things ? Is it, THE way to do it ?

I’m trying a lot of things but if you have any hint, i’d be happy to hear/read it :wink:

Thanks for your time.

(Ben) #2

I would say that you’re doing all the right things.

You didn’t mention it but have you written any blog posts about why what you do is important? Or why it’s easier? Could you do some guest posts on big web dev/ WordPress blogs? I imagine that most WordPress users, in particular those who aren’t developers, won’t understand about email deliverability.

Is there more you could do to increase visibility in the community? It needs to be things online. Sponsoring WordCamps is awesome but you will only reach the people who visit those WordCamps - the audience online is obviously bigger.

Have you considered GDPR? This is going to be a big thing in Europe in the next few years.

Your plugin allows sending of newsletters - but does it also send regular emails through your servers? Things like forgotten password emails/ new user emails?

Personally I use mailjet for this stuff, they have a free tier and I haven’t come close to touching the monthly limits.

For newsletters I use Mailchimp. They have all sorts of functionality that (I assume) you don’t. Things like ab testing, and automations.

I wonder if the 3000 email limit is too much for the free product - it seems quite generous to me. Maybe if you reduced the number of monthly emails, and removed the daily limit, it would work better? Users could then send to a larger list, but only once a month.

BTW - shameless plug but if you want to advertise in a rapidly growing WordPress newsletter then I run one called MasterWP and we’re looking for sponsors :slight_smile: . More info here:

I run MasterWP with a friend of mine, Alex Denning. He does marketing for people who don’t do marketing - with a focus on WordPress. I don’t know how busy he is but he may be able to offer some more suggestions -

(Yannick) #3

Hi Ben,

Thank you for your comment :slight_smile:
Ill take it, point by point

Blog posting in our website : Indeed, I should definitively do it
Guest blogging : Yeah, but it cost a lot each time. I have to find really interested people who want to exchange content. Not that easy
WordCamp sponsoring : it’s only in bronze package, the cheapest one. It’s a test for now
GDPR : We’re already GDPR friendly
Automation : It’s a coming feature
Daily limit. It’s been a big debate. I’m favorable for a lesser monthly package with no daily limit, and the majority of my team was more packed up by the actual solution. Only time will tell us who’s right/wrong.

I arealdy tried to be in your newsletter, but once again : budget :stuck_out_tongue:

(Frank) #4

Great looking plugin, I’ll try it out. There are so many good Wordpress plugins these days discovery is becoming a problem.

(Ben) #5

Aweome :slight_smile: We currently have 1196 professional WordPress subscribers and counting. If you really want to be in the newsletter then email us - - and we might be able to work out something that fits your budget.

I think Alex may be able to help with this - but as far as I know it doesn’t always cost. If you can come up with an awesome blog post then you can probably submit it to the WPTavern for nothing. Obviously writing the post costs time but I suspect it would be worthwhile.

I didn’t see any mention of that on your website/ the plugin info page. Privacy is a big thing at the moment - might be a nice selling point.

In my limited experience - there’s not much benefit to sponsoring WordCamps in terms of financial return. Sponsorships, leading to networking with other sponsors, is where you will get your biggest returns. For instance getting to meet webhosts.

(Leland Fiegel) #6

Can you elaborate on this? How is it “world class” exactly?

This would set you apart from the only WordPress plugin competitor of yours I can think of, MailPoet, since they do not offer its own email sending service as far as I know. Just integrates with either SMTP (probably a bad idea) or a third-party provider like SendGrid or Amazon SES.

How does your email sending platform differ from something like Amazon SES though?

It’s certainly one way to do it, but I wouldn’t say it’s “THE” way to do it.

Plenty of highly successful freemium plugins very rarely sponsor WordCamps. Advanced Custom Fields, Easy Digital Downloads, just to name a few (I’m not saying they never have, just doesn’t seem to be a regular thing). Instead, (I’m assuming) they rely mostly on word of mouth since their products are so delightful to use.

You should focus on the same thing.

You see it most with hyper-competitive industries like web hosting. Blue Host, GoDaddy, and DreamHost are all global sponsors, for example.

This article by @perezbox is also a must read on the value of sponsoring WordCamps.

(Yannick) #7

We have two kind of competitors. Plugins Like MailPoet which are WP Friendly but dont have routing server. And external tools like Mailchimp, which are not WP Friendly (you can’t create in WP) but are routing platform.

We wished bringing something new : a real WP plugin where you can create AND send emailing.
Our routing platform is an existing routing platform sending emails for years now.
We’re a small projet inside a bigger French company named Sarbacane Software.
Sarbacane route emails for a decade now, about 8 to 10millions a day.

Their reputation is very high amongst all the ISP over the world, that’s what I meant by “world class deliverability”.

But, outing over the years doesn’t give you this kind of wordl class label, there’s something very specific about our platform which doesn’t exist in the other ESPs : campaign moderation.
What does it mean ?
Our moderation team reviews each email campaign manually to ensure the highest levels of deliverability through anti-spam compliance and other email best practices.
To be clear : we avoid spaming/fishing and other campaign which could decrease our reputation.
You bought a list ? Rented it ? Scrapped it ? We won’t let it go.
I know, others ESP does it tooo, but they just rely on : asking you (so if you say you list is fine, it’s ok) / and see result post campaign (but once it’s send, it’s over to limit the damage on the reputation).

You know that : Prevention is better than cure. It works fine in emailing :slight_smile: