How to hide plugins but not the theme?



I am not talking about using hide plugins like wp hide that hide everything about WP and that change the wp-admin URL, I am talking about websites like this one :
It’s possible to know the theme but it seems that wp-content/plugins/ is not visible in the page source code…

I would like to do the same for some of my websites : in order my competitors do not know which plugins I am using



Whoa, you have competitors! Thanks for the heads up. No way am I advising on such a dangerous topic!

(Andy) #3

That site you mention is not hiding it’s plugins as such.

Rather, it seems that plugin assets are in a different folder than you would normally expect.

View the source code again and then open up /wp-content/assets/css/all.cs or /wp-content/assets/js/all.js and you will see references to many plugins.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

I’m not sure I would consider that “hiding,” it just looks like they’re minifying/concatenating all their enqueued scripts.

A plugin like Better WordPress Minify could help although I don’t believe they’re using that because you can see the index of /wp-content/assets/ …meaning the files are actually in that location, not rewritten to use the /wp-content/assets/ URLs.

This suggests they’ve manually made a build process to include all their plugin CSS/JS, place it in files as @Andy_uxl mentioned above, dequeued all the original plugin CSS/JS, and enqueued the wp-content/assets/ stuff.

You can even plainly see the source files commented out in /wp-content/assets/js/all.js, which reveal references to plugins like Contact Form 7, some lightbox and modal plugins, etc. So again, that backs up the assertion they’re not attempting to “hide” anything. They’re probably just doing it for performance reasons.

It seems like a lot of effort just to “hide” plugins from your competitors but perhaps it’s worth it for the performance benefits.


Thanks @Andy_uxl
They may use a cache plugin that does that


Thanks @leland you’re right ! It’s possible to see which plugins they use and you’re right : they probably do that for performance reasons.
I will investigate on this issue…I would like the same minified code for my websites