How to make a rtl file for wp plugin?

(Reza Akbari) #1

hi to all
I have a questions:
How can i make a rtl file for wp plugins?
I can make rtl for themes but when i make rtl file for plugins,it doesn’t influence and page does not change…!
Please help me.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Have you tried using is_rtl, and enqueing a new stylesheet based on that?

(Reza Akbari) #3

No,i just make “rtl.css” and write the styles on that

(Leland Fiegel) #4

You can still make the rtl.css like you usually do. Just enqueue it wrapped in an is_rtl() conditional.

(Reza Akbari) #5’s true!
But i haven’t enough knowledge about it.
Can you give me complete this conditional orders?

(Reza Akbari) #6

oh,i seached and found it…!
but it doesn’t influence.
My plugin hasn’t “style.css” file and it has two styles file.
on of them is “back-end.css” and another one is “front-end.css”.
I think it’s for that…!