How to promote a plugin in 2020?

Hello! First of all, I read the previous posts asking the same, but I’m afraid that old strategies that not work… this is why I start a new post with the same questions asked years ago.

Early 2020, I was not found a satisfactory plugin to configure really specific conditions for shipping on a WooCommerce shop that I was involved as developer. I solved it writing a bit of code, directly. And I was start thinking in a plugin, to make my live (and the others) easier… and a way to earn a bit of passive incomings with it :wink:

With a previous work colleague (and friend) we started the plugin develop. I think is really good, and does things never seen before… but…

First of all: codecanyon or our own shop? We was decide for own shop, because won’t be a codecanyon employees, and we want to leave an open door, for maybe, if all goes well, become a multi-product business.

This moves to the next decision: one-product site, or multi-product (for now with one product) site? We’re decided multi-product site, maybe this decision is not right, because it sacrifices SEO… for now, we have a multi-product domain, with a only-product homepage, and woocommerce e-shop (sorry, the system says I can put only 2 links on a post)

We’re launched our free plugin on march 2020, with a really discrete impact. Currently we have a +100 active installations (or at least is that says wordpress repository) and 1450 downloads: [Fish and Ships – WooCommerce shipping table rate conditional]

The users feedback is really good (I think)… we’ve a 5 reviews, all with 5 stars and all really full of good words. The kind of reviews that makes feel you really good. :wink: …on every release, we see on the graph a bit higger line, that I think means that we’re doing well, and our users still use it… however, only a few new downloads on a regular day occur (about 5/10 downloads)

We have a extense documentation about plugin, in the double intention of give consistent help to our users, and get SEO naturally (well, we’re not SEO experts)…

We’re created also a video on youtube to demonstrate shortly the power of the plugin. We’re placed it on the top of the plugin description on wordpress, and also used it to write a bloggers to present our plugin (with a link to a demo site and the video link)

At this moment, no blogger has contacted with us or writed about our plugin (the big ones, like wp-tavern, or other small). I have to tell you too that we’re discovered an ugly reality about: most blogs, generate his contents with “guest posts”… and this posts, are writed by plugin developers, that makes posts like: “the 10 better plugins for X”… and obviously one of this 10 plugins are his own!.. I think this is a closed club: only notorious plugin has developers / owners that will be invited to write about, and I can’t write a post mixing +10K active install plugins with my +100 own!

…and most wordpress plugin reviews specific blogs, like wp-mayor, has turned into payment advertising billboard…

We’re started to speak with another plugin developers to make it compatible, (this is a work that we should do on anyway: multi-currency, bundle compatible, etc.), but we belive that it will give us some notoriety on the WP plugins eco-system… and seems that we’re wrong… for example, we was get a really good review, with no impact on our downloads (at this moment): Fish and Ships now supports our Aelia Currency Switcher

…in the current scenario, that seems really closed to get blog reviews, and most important! on any link on anyplace will take the nofollow attribute, how to promote a plugin that I honestly think it’s a really good plugin?