How to test a theme on safari 9 when you are on windows?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #1

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

I tested the theme on emulator but I can not do “inspect element”.

I have a client that a problem with a plugin only on safari 9, as on Windows, the latest version is 5, I wonder how I can help, you have an idea?

Thank you a lot.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Have you tried Browser Stack?

(Nicolas Lecocq) #3

Hello :slight_smile:
Yes but to test on safari 9, you have to pay.

(Mark Senff) #4

You simply can’t test it when you only have Windows. You can try on Safari 5 and see/hope the issue happens there too, but in the end you’re going to need a Mac to test/fix properly, unfortunately.

Sure, but it’s a whole lot cheaper than getting a Mac.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #5

Hello, I tried on safari 5 and there are no problems, I did not really want to pay for just one problem.

(Leland Fiegel) #6

It looks like Browser Stack has a free trial. Does that not include Safari 9 testing?

The only other “free” method I can think of is to find someone with a Mac who doesn’t mind their computer being taken over temporarily. Either in person or remotely. I’ve used before, but can’t tell if the mouse control feature is free.

Otherwise, I have to agree with @Senff. I get the sense this isn’t the highest priority for you, but if you care at all about fixing this problem, would you rather buy a Mac for $500+ (starting price of Mac Mini) or pay $25 for temporary access? Even if its for just one problem, it seems like a no brainer to me.

Who knows, maybe you’ll uncover bugs on other browsers that make it seem more worth it.

(Nicolas Lecocq) #7

Hi @leland, no Safari 9 is not included in the free trial.
I think I’ll pay for, as you said, I’d rather pay $25 rather than $500 :slight_smile: