How to test your theme/framework/plugin performance?

(Some Web Guy) #1

Hey guys, has anyone here had any experience with benchmarking and performance tests?
For example, how to get number of requests per plugin or theme, bottlenecks, load speed, etc?

I’ve tried P3 Prifiler but it only gives rough data.
PMC Benchmark is nice, it tells you which hooks took a loot of time running.
I just stumbled upon WP-Benchmark which gives useful data.

What tools do you use?


I used also Query Monitor
Sometimes I was surprised what is the difference between two similar plugins, while one double queries than other.
Also my favorite and simple tool is Pingdom just for fast showing, how many request plugin/theme add and if it have huge impact on loading time.

Never tried these two Benchmarks, will check them soon, looks interesting.

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That Query Monitor is pretty neat, I’m loving it already :smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #4

Check out this article:

(Some Web Guy) #5

Didn’t know this existed in WP, thanks!


Just found this one
Works well.


Faced the same problem. So What I did was listed down free alternative plugin for p3. You should check this -

(Leland Fiegel) #8

This is paid but WPSessions has a great course on optimizing WordPress performance:

#9 (waterfall tab)


webpagetest, Google Page Speed Insight or Google Lighthouse. These are some great tools to check the details of the performance.