How we built our own fast & scalable documentation solution with WordPress

This is a comprehensive and technical step-by-step guide for developers. If you aren’t a developer, you should probably send this article to your CTO. He/she will thank you for it :dizzy_face:

Here’s the TL;DR:
We finally built and released our semi-static, markdown based Knowledge Base for our monetization platform Freemius, using WordPress.
We’re sharing the complete cookbook of our research right here; why we choose WordPress over SaaS solutions and static generators; how we did it (including all code customizations and server level configuration), what we’ve learned, and how you can replicate that process to save valuable time, and set up your own lightning fast, scalable, sustainable, secure, and semi-static KB (Knowledge Base) for your own plugin, theme or any other digital product.

Hope you find it useful :relieved: :


Very in-depth!

I parse a markdown readme file for my plugin docs, but want to make things a bit more scalable. This might come in good use!

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I have no idea why WP Help was even on the shortlist as the documents created with this plugin are for the WP backend only as the short intro already makes clear:

… viewable in the WordPress admin