I am looking to buy ownership of your Blog Theme

(Cristian C.) #1

Hi there,

Do you have a WordPress Theme in Blogging niche that is already approved on WordPress.org repository and are looking to sell it?

Please DM me or reply to this post as I am interested in your product!

Thank you!
Cristian C.


The public repo (at https://wordpress.org/themes/) is free software, released under the GPL. You should freshen up on what that means (try https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-3.0.en.html), and then you will be able to ask for what you need. :slight_smile:

(Ben) #3

I reckon he knows this. My guess is he wants to buy themes and then change them to benefit him in some way.

It reminds me of all the plugin sales that happened last year where plugins were bought and then modified to inject links & crypto miners and stuff.

Not saying that’s the case here of course. But without any context/ explanations it’s easy to jump to conclusions like this.

(Leland Fiegel) #4

To be honest, alarm bells are ringing reading this post. Responsible theme and plugin owners should be aware of stories like this, as @BinaryMoon has alluded to.

Would you care to provide any more detail as to your motivation here? Is “already approved” your only concern or do you care about great design, popularity, and things of that nature?

Are you at all interested in hiring designers/developers to create new themes that can be submitted to WordPress.org? Or must they already be approved?

Pretty much every theme on WordPress.org is in the “blogging niche,” by the way.

(Cristian C.) #5

I know for a fact that on forums people start discussing offtopic a lot… Like as @BinaryMoon “suspected” something, I guess that all the following discussion will be related to that. Proof of that fact is that @leland already started pushing things…

Guys the question is really simple… I am a UI/UX Designer myself and I have a WP Theme approved on Themeforest. But now I’d like to get into WordPress.org too… Is it that bad if I seek a theme seller in here? Also, do you care to reply to this topic based on my initial question? Or just because you don’t have a theme to sell just makes you start suspecting everybody and talk offtopic?

Btw… A wrong intended buyer won’t tell in public he’s intentions but for you to clear your minds about @BinaryMoon suspicion, I am just trying to bring to the table a better design to the existing active users without waiting so much for the initial review.

(Ben) #6

Sorry you feel this way. Unfortunately you didn’t give us any reason to suspect otherwise. The post looked dodgy so I called it out. I’m pretty sure that if I hadn’t said anything Leland would have still commented. It’s his forum and he’s pretty strict about doing suspicious looking things.

Not bad neccessarily but I don’t think it’s the right way to do this

The review is pretty quick these days. Only a couple of weeks. Personally I think that buying an existing theme is a bad way to do this. Changing the design on someones site to some other design is a poor user experience it means peoples websites will change from the design they like to some other design to some other design that they didn’t chose.

I think the best thing to do is to submit your theme and go through the review process. I’ve done this three times. It’s a good way to learn about theme development best practices.

(Cristian C.) #7

Thank you @BinaryMoon for your better approach :slight_smile:

Couple weeks in reviewing times??? Where can I officially check this? As I heard about 3 months + for the initial submittion.

(David) #8

theme review at dot org can take up to 6+ mo.
if it’s for business to get things start going, I can understand.

i have several theme hosted at dot org (pretty much un maintained)

(Ben) #9

That used to be the case but it’s not any longer.

Check out the queue - https://themes.trac.wordpress.org/query?priority=new+theme&priority=previously+reviewed&status=new&status=reviewing&keywords=!~child-theme&owner=&col=id&col=summary&col=status&col=time&col=changetime&col=reporter&report=2&order=time

The oldest theme on there has waited 2 months.

(David) #10

that’s awesome! (I think my longest one was 8mo, :sweat_smile: )
Happy that wp org team improve the system.

(Ben) #11

Yeah - it’s great. I had a similar experience. Haven’t submitted anything since the time waited dropped but am considering doing it again.