If you had the opportunity for your plugin code to be reviewed by a team of senior devs for free, would you go for it?

(Luke Gedeon) #1

I am putting together a crowdfunding campaign to review all active WordPress plugins. As part of that, I would like to get some idea of what percentage of plugin developers would appreciate this type of feedback and would be able to take action on the results.

Would you guys take a minute to answer this survey and share it with others?

I am also open to feedback on questions I should have asked or any other concerns.

(Ben) #2

Hi - I’m not entirely sure what you’re offering - but I answered your questions.

I am a theme and plugin developer and I love to get code reviews/ help with code. Anything that helps to make my code better is good by me.

Regarding the questionnaire - question 3 supposes you said something like “I’m not interested” in the previous question. I would be interested - and so the options didn’t make sense :slight_smile:

(Luke Gedeon) #3

Oh, good call. I will see if I can update it. I’m not sure if I can after publishing, but I will sure try.


(Luke Gedeon) #4

That worked. Should behave better now. :slight_smile:

(Miroslav Glavić) #5

by senior devs you mean…?

(Luke Gedeon) #6

A senior developer typically has at least 5 years full-time programming experience. More important in this case is a strong commitment to doing things the right way.