I'm selling my Themeforest's Business, it's the right way?

(Marco) #1

Hi all, i’m selling my Themeforest Business (WordPress Themes), i’m selling it on Flippa (link), anyone know another place to sell it?

Anyone interested ?
My best Regards


(Miroslav Glavić) #2

There is a thread on this site: Transferring Envato accounts is not allowed

Apparently, themes can be transferred to another account, but any
account history (sales numbers, “Elite” status, badges, etc.) cannot.

The above comment is based just on the title of your thread.

The following questions below are in no way shape or form stated as a personal attack on you or your business, When I buy anything, I want to be fully informed, and here you go…

Looking at the flippa link you posted on your post, I have the following questions, feel free to answer here or in private message (I have no idea how to PM on wpchat).

  1. You sold $122,726.73. Proof please. I like verification on revenue claims.
  2. On Financial section, March 2016 you had $817, April 2016 you had $436. Almost half on what you made on march, why is that?
  3. On Seller’s notes it says you haven’t updated in over a year. so basically I would have to update all the themes to be up to code, correct? How come no updates for a year?
  4. how come you waited a year to sell your TF business and not when you decided to be involved in that other project
  5. What is your favourite Pokemon?
  6. Who is your favourite Miroslav?
  7. Is there a twitter account? any other social media account?