Inclusion in Commercially Supported GPL Themes list

(Tony Bui) #21

Well, our experience was about 3 - 4 months from the date of submission. We need to understand that there are volunteers who contribute free time to support the process. In our case, to speed up this process you can ask help from WordPress Slack group. It’d speed up your review time. In our case, it worked well. Not sure how it’s now.

Btw, our theme Corsa :slight_smile:

(Leland Fiegel) #22

I just had my request approved in a week. Surprised how quick it was considering the previous reports here.

Sent an email on October 25th with my haiku, a link to my recently updated theme, link to my support page, and description of where my statement of 100% GPL-ness was located on my website. Just got notice it was approved today, November 1st.

If you don’t already have a theme approved on, getting that initial approval is by far the biggest bottleneck.

My latest theme took over 7 months to be approved. Uploaded it March 3rd, and just set live October 25th (the same day I sent my request to be included on the commercial themes page).

I don’t want to turn this thread into a “how long does it take to get a theme approved” discussion but I think it is relevant to this discussion since you do need at least one to be added on the list.


Hi Leland,

nice to see (for you) that you were approved that fast…

Unfortunately for us, we didn’t get approved, nor rejected after 3 months now… Just silence.

Do you have only one theme too, or you have more than one?

I wish we didn’t have to experience similar inconsistencies, but I guess it is inevitable.

I’ll try to ask in the Slack group to see if anyone is willing to help us with this.



p.s. we have a theme approved since January 2016 (4 months to approve it) and a child theme for it that is in the review queue since 4 months now…


You’re not losing that much :slight_smile: referral traffic is almost nonexistent, it’s mostly for the backlink :slight_smile:


Extra traffic isn’t really what we care about. It’s really more about validation of our work…