Interview on WP Kube about WP Chat

Hey y’all, in case anyone is interested, @Dev interviewed me on WP Kube about WP Chat. Here’s the link:

Covers some history of the site, some of the (few and far between) issues I’ve had with running the forum, and some other stuff.

Also, shout out alert to @NateWr, @MattMedeiros, @mikemcalister, and @johnparris.


Nice! Good going Leland.

Most annoying signup popup/slidedown/overlay ever on that site though. After clicking that away and reading for a minute, another one, albeit not full-screen, took over. Not a site I will be revisiting, then.

Hey @Senff

Thanks for the feedback, just removed the slide-down / overlay popup.

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I was wondering what platform WPChats runs on, I didn’t check the source code, I thought it runs on WordPress, but well… it’s not. I am not sure why I was thinking this way, maybe because it’s all about WordPress in here :smile:

Interesting read.