Is Easy Digital Downloads really better than WooCommerce for digital products?


A few of my EDD extensions are renewing soon and I’m trying to decide whether to stick with using them to build my shop or hop ship while it’s still early and give woocommerce a chance. I still have a pretty bad taste in my mouth regarding how EDD went about the price increases last year and first impression of woocommerce is that it’s more enjoyable to theme. Asking here with hope that hearing from other developers will help me flesh out my options a bit more and maybe consider some things that hadn’t occurred to me.

Also, does anyone have any experience with WooCommerce software licensing plugin vs the EDD software licensing plugin?

Thank You.

(Daniel Iser) #2

Having used and developed for / with both, if you plan on running a WP theme or plugin shop stick with EDD. As for price increases it was inevitable as support loads grew. That said it was part of a much larger plan, now that they own all of the extensions on the store they have released the EDD All Access plan for $899 unlimited everything. Good deal compared to before.

As for everything else, we run multiple plugin stores using EDD and wouldn’t even consider WooCommerce at this point. It simply wasn’t built for this and to use it as such is basically hacking it to the edge of what its capable of in some regards where as EDD was spec built for that exact purpose.

Also WooCommerce is extremely costly in comparison, even with EDDs prices now (exclusing All Access).

(Leland Fiegel) #3

“Better” is always a subjective term, but I’d recommend sticking with EDD (with some exceptions, which I’ll cover later).

As for the price, I try not to consider it merely a “price increase.” To me, it’s an adjustment closer to where the price should have been in the first place.

If you plan on selling other things like event tickets, appointment bookings, memberships, you may want to consider WooCommerce as a more flexible all-in-one choice.

But for selling WordPress themes and plugins, EDD is almost always a safe bet.

The general consensus from other theme/plugin sellers I’ve talked to is that EDD’s software licensing is far superior to the WooCommerce equivalent. I use it myself and would highly recommend it.

I can’t speak to the WooCommerce licensing plugin because I have not used it before.

(Faruk Erdogan) #4

I have chosen WooCommerce for the digital products and service. I have searched on the internet and decided to use them. I am not a technical person, because of that Woo’s support was very important for me. That was the first reason why I choose them.

Secondly, they are very dominant on the e-commerce side and their platform has so many 3rd party plugins to use. The ecosystem is bigger on Woocommerce.

(Vova Feldman) #5

There are cons and pros for every solution. Developers tend to forget the cost of time, so before you migrate, I highly recommend you to do some estimation on the time it will take you to handle the migration and the long-term benefits. If there’s a simple migration solution it might be easier, do your homework.

P.S. Alternative solution would be a delegation of all the eCommerce “meta” to a service like Freemius, so you can focus on your product and won’t need to deal with the eCommerce engine. You can see how Freemius compares to EDD and WooCommerce here.