Is it possible to have one WP installation and multiple domains? (not Multisite)

(Rob) #1

Hi WP community,

Is it possible to have one WP installation and multiple domains?
The purpose for each domain would be to maintain and grow it’s own SEO ranking.

I think the answer is no and I can’t use WP Multisites in this case.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

Not exactly sure what you mean. Would these be separate sites? With different content?

(Rob) #3

Good question. The subject matter would be related to sports. One section would be about Soccer, one about Football, one about Basketball, and other sports to come soon. Each section would use a slightly different theme to give it it’s own look so to the user it would visually seem like a different section.

Each section / sport would have their own keywords they target related to that sport.

The reason for having one WP instal is to easily manage the site and allow users to be logged in between sections, and to programmatically share data across different section. For simplicity I would rather have this on one WP install.

(Ben) #4

Sounds like this is multiple separate sites that each target different sports. This is exactly the type of thing WordPress multisite is designed for. Why don’t you want to use it? It’s only one install of WordPress.

(Neil Murray) #5

Using separate domains with WP Multisite is a bit of a ‘sledgehammer to crack an acorn’ IMHO

You can definitely use WordPress Multisite to have separate domains on the same WordPress install - e.g., etc.

But your more detailed description indicates to me you probably don’t need the extra complexity of running separate WordPress sites to achieve what you are looking for.

Depends on your WordPress skills, but I would tackle the separation you are looking for using WordPress Categories. It’s super easy to display lists of posts based on WordPress Categories.

To make the sections look different I would use some custom coding to add a custom surrounding class to each unique section which I can style using CSS.

While creating separate domains with WP Multisite using different themes is possible to give you what you want it’s a bit of a ‘sledgehammer to crack an acorn’ IMHO.

(Rob) #6

@BinaryMoon you are right Multisite is designed for this but it’s just not the right tool for me in this case. The short answer is that I need to have an easy way to programmatically look up and manipulate data between each section/sport, and cross-over between section/sports. There are other reason as well.

@buzztone Thanks for the advice but really focusing the question on the domain name part. Is there a way to have one WP install and a domain name for each section/sport.

I haven’t heard any replies pointing to yes so I’m assuming this isn’t possible or not reasonable to accomplish.

(Jason) #7

@r083rt Others have done a good job of talking through different sides of this, so I’ll just answer the question directly.

Yes, it’s possible to have multiple domains point to a single site. The htaccess is written such that it doesn’t care about the domain. What you’d really have to think through is hooking into all the permalink filters and handling the urls yourself, as WordPress is going to assume the siteurl option is the domain you’ll always use. You could use the $_SERVER superglobal to do fancy stuff based on the domain.

I’m sure there’s other stuff I’m not thinking of, but the point is that with some development you could definitely use multiple domains on a single install and use the domain as an indicator of how to process the request.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

(Ben) #8

As @jasontheadams said you can have one site run on multiple domains - but if you want to show different sets of content on each site - (like different homepages with different content and different designs) then that’s going to be quite a lot of extra development work - certainly not trivial.

(Rob) #9

Thanks @jasontheadams, knowing what this would involve helps me pick a good direction for this project. Your input has been valuable.

(Jason) #10

Glad to help. :slight_smile:

(vishal) #11

Hi R083rt… Did you get a solution for it yet? I am looking for a similar solution where I can have multiple domains working with one wordpress installation and each to look different, have different content and other parameters. My idea if having one installation to work for multiple domains is to quickly manage product parameters across all domains.