Is it time for Samuel "Otto" Wood To Hit The Road?


“To date, only a few players in the WordPress community have dared to publicly call out Wood as being pretty much the biggest problem of the so-called community, despite it being an open secret. During the past few years, ambiguous calls for “new leadership” have been growing stronger at WordPress Meetups and WordCamps around the world, on various blogs and forums, and in many private conversations. But what many of these arguments consciously fail to mention is the name Samuel Wood.”

(Leland Fiegel) #2

This was pretty cringeworthy to read. Was the snide tone necessary? Why not just lay out the facts and let readers decide, sans the smeary language like “shameless douchebag”?

Also, @Tarwin, are you associated with LittleBizzy in any way? It’s curious that you just signed up today only to post this link.

(Oz Zeren) #3

Even the ‘facts’ were cringeworthy to read - the first accusation levied against Otto seems to be him moderating the Wikipedia page of an ‘activist’ who accused Catholic Church of creating ‘communism, islam, racism, recessions’, having assassinated Lincoln, wanting to spread homosexuality and abortion and a whole other bunch of basically crazy stuff. Some kind of vendetta against Jesuits or something, with added other ‘stuff’…

After reading the references, I stand as dumbfounded as i do when i check alt-right conspiracy forums occasionally.

The article they posted definitely does not help their case and instead presents them as… well… ‘unconventional’ people…