Is there a need for a 'WordPress Reset Permissions' plugin?

(Jeff C) #1

I was recently contacted by a listener of WordPress Weekly and they offered a topic of discussion for a future show. I wanted to know what you folks thought first.

Topic for discussion- is their a need for a Reset WordPress Permissions plugin? There seems to be a lot of discussion around plugins and themes not being able to access certain wp-content files and folders.

Here’s an example I ran into last month.’t-work-no-data-to-export

It looks like the plugin mentioned in the URL above has put in a fix to automatically detect and fix the problem. Can a WordPress plugin actually change permission settings on a server or of certain directories?

(Scott Wyden Kivowitz) #2

Great question. I rarely run into needing it, but I know WP Engine includes it. So I wind up pushing that button every time I update a plugin just in case permissions are wonky for whatever reason.

(Jeff C) #3

I wasn’t aware that a plugin can actually reset folder permissions. Seems like that would be an obvious security hazard. How does that work?

(Tom) #4

I’m going to take a guess here but I am assuming the plugin is just using chmod. There used to be a regular wp_chmod function before, but as I was desperatly trying to figure out where it was located. I discovered they refactored it to another class.

(Kevin Leary) #5

It’s actually a solid way to avoid an obvious security hazard. It will reset all WP folders and files to the recommended chmod for security, which is one of the most common security hazards I see on client websites (outside of WPEngine that is).