Is there a posting limit here?

Is there a posting limit? I have posted 16 replies today since joining 6 hours ago (what can I say, I’m a chatty guy, and there lots of chatty topics here), but now each attempt to reply to something gets the following:

We have a daily limit on how many times that action can be taken. Please wait 18 hours before trying again.

Is there a posting limit? If so, why? And, if we do need a limit, 18 hours (I suspect actually 16 posts in 24 hours) seems very steep, how about 15 posts per hour instead?

P.S. If this works, it of course means that only replies have been limited and new topics are not part of that count.

This may have something to do with default trust levels for new users. We’ll look into it as @leland and I have been discussing making those restrictions more relaxed. Discourse has a system out of the box to combat against spammers, trolls, etc and you may be running into that. Anywho, we’ll look into it further to see if we can give you and others a better experience.

Hey James, I just upgraded your trust level.

These are default settings that ship with Discourse. This thread explains it better:

I agree that they’re a little too strict so I’ll look into relaxing them a little bit.

If anybody else runs into this issue, please ping me.

Actually upon further research, it appears this only effects users in their first day. This has nothing to do with trust levels. More info here:

But anyway, I increased the limit for both new topics and replies for new users.

Awesome, thanks for the upgrade too!

That’s very good to know that it’s limited to just first day, but I worry about its utility in a community like this. Anyone over-posting with malicious intent who encounters this error will simply return the next day to continue what they started, and anyone legitimately contributing to the community who encounters this error might be disappointed and scared off.

So, I’m glad you raised the limits. :smile:

Wow this is my first reply. MacManX has the privilege :smile:

If you have a posting limit to combat the evil spammers and trolls…can’t you just put a [REPORT POST] type button?

Some people are more active than others, I know MacManX answers a lot of topics on WP support forum. Doesn’t mean he is spamming.

Please note that this reply does not mean I am endorsing MacManX and it does not mean I am not not endorsing him.

It’s definitely something that will have to be monitored and evaluated as WPChat grows over time. I totally agree that just posting a lot in a reasonable time frame is not “spamming” in and of itself.

There are reasonable rate limits still in place, especially for “new” users, which lighten up after a day. A smart Discourse spamming bot would probably chill until their “new user” status is lifted before going wild.

Hopefully that’s not something myself and other Discourse admins will have to deal with any time soon, considering it’s brand spanking new software. As opposed to phpBB, vBulletin, etc. that get targeted by spambots like crazy.

There actually is a report button, a flag icon below the post content, but I think you need to post just a little bit more and be (automatically) bumped to a Basic user before you can see it.

This forum is a bit unique in that a lot of the people registering already know other users and there is already a trust relationship established. The built-in tools, and user trust system is great for brand new discourse forums with people you’ve never seen or heard of before registering an account but makes things a little tricky for trustworthy users. That’s why I think it’s ok for us to ease up on the basic levels until a lot more people start registering or we see an influx of brand new problem users.