Is there someone self-hosted without knowing codes?

Hi Guys,

I am wondering many things about how you host your sites?

Are you using managed host or hosting by yourself?
Do you know how to code?
Are you familiar with the VPS hosting?
How many do you spend each month?

Any sharing of experience or ideas is appreciated!

You don’t need to know how to code to “self-host” for most meanings of that phrase as it applies to WordPress.

If you use a managed service, shared host, or managed VPS, you don’t really need to know anything, most places install it for you, or have docs on their specific way of hosting.

If you provision a VPS you are setting up and configuring yourself you need basic Linux server administration skills. Stuff like using ssh to connect to your VPS, and know how to cd around your filesystem, edit files, etc., all from a terminal.

Yep, you can go far with WordPress without knowing a thing about code or hosting infrastructure, thanks to the theme and plugin ecosystem. I’d look into “managed WordPress hosts” to not have to worry about the server layer as that is kind of a separate set of problems than the application layer (WordPress).

Thanks for sharing! @maiki @leland

A shared host is a better choice for starters and tiny sites.
However, as the sites continue to grow, people have to leave for hostings for more resources and control over the resources.
VPS is the first choice then.
So how does a man manage the sites and VPS hosting by himself. the first two options would be:

  1. Make up his mind to spend great time and efforts learning the basic codes.
  2. Pay a start annual amount of $200 for a control panel or $300 for the hosting plans that a panels is attached.

So, are there any supplements or better options?

I’m not sure I’m following where you’re going with this. Are you interested for yourself or are you starting a business that would help people host without dealing with server stuff?

Yes. Like I mentioned: managed WordPress hosts. Pantheon, WP Engine, Pressidium, Kinsta, Pagely, etc. Have you looked into them?

Hi Leland, I myself am curious about how people without the expertise of code host their sites on a VPS. Obviously, most of people will choose to utilize a control panel. So, when people look for a control panel, from a cost perspective, what kind of functions will be must-have? Accordingly what kind of price is affordable?

Also, you guessed it, we are indeed running a control panel, the name is VPSrobots.
The major differences between it and most panels on the block are:

  1. it lives on the desktop and accesses servers remotely by SSH.
  2. It has a more flexible combo of functions with more affordable prices.

The major functions in it have been completed. Currently it is under a UI optimization.

For me, VPSrobots means more than a product, it is the result of evolution of VPS and it’s consumers. Thus, when exploring it, you’ll find each functions is designed for your convenience with heart.

This is the way I believe and suggest that will help people host on VPSes by themselves in a more efficient and economical way.

How do you know that? Are you associated with VPSrobots?

Advertising something without disclosing your association with it is against our rules.

Promoting your own products (or products for the company you work for) is totally fine. But please make your affiliation clear.

It seems this entire thread is an advertisement for VPSrobots in disguise, so I’m going to close the thread and remove your links to VPSrobots.

This is a discussion forum, not a classified ads site.

Just as an update, I thought when you said “we are indeed running a control panel” you meant you were using it as a customer and not operating it as a business.

After rereading your post with keener eyes, I realized you meant you were operating it as a business (and therefore disclosing your association) so I’ve unlocked it.

Sorry about that, I’m just on high alert lately with people using this forum as a way to sneakily advertise their hosting companies without disclosing they’re affiliated with them.

Anyway, it looks like you have an interesting product but I’m having trouble understanding your target market. How is your product superior to a managed WordPress hosting solution that abstracts all the hosting infrastructure away?

I think people who don’t know how to code also don’t care what Linux distribution they’re using, their Apache version (all of which your product makes apparent) …they just want a website that works.

I think your target market is more closely aligned with that of People who are somewhat familiar with server infrastructure but don’t want to get into the weeds of the command line whenever they want to spin up a new site.

Hi Leland, never mind.
As you see, the purpose of I bring up this thread is far more than promoting VPSrobots. I see and hear of there’re a large group of webmasters(new or experieced) in different countries starve for more affordable and practical hosting solutions. That is exactly where VPSrobots comes from, also, I want to help. As I mentioned:

I see that ServerPoilt and VPSrobots are both the result of the evolution of web hosting world, they have so much in common, though there’s a lot of differences as well. For example, the major similarity is that both of them offer support for unlimited VPS management, which is needed and expected by more and more webmasters nowadays.

BTY, in order to quickly guide webmasters following this thread to quickly locate VPSrobots, I re-added a link of VPSrobots in this reply, I hope you don’t mind.