Is WordPress really this popular?

(Salem Housani) #1

According to these WordPress statistics, it powers over 30% of the internet and the latest version has been downloaded over 77 million times.

I know WordPress is popular but I didn’t imagine it’s used by this many websites. How accurate are statistics from sites like W3techs and Builtwith? Would like someone to shed light on this.


I can’t shine any light on the accuracy of those stats, but I do want to throw in another number to consider: the average lifespan of a website.

Check a bunch of different studies for WordPress saturation, and compare to a bunch of studies on the lifespan of a site. The web is a large vat of top soil constantly being churned. :slight_smile:

(Ben) #3

Also worth considering the number of sites, and the fact that many (sub domains) only count as 1 site.

You can see how it’s measured here:

I see no reason to think it’s false, but obviously without seeing (and understanding) the processes they use there’s no way to know for sure.

(Alex MacArthur) #4

As far as I know, heard, and read, those statistics are reasonably accurate and consistent. However, it’s worth noting that I believe they’re counting the top 1,000,000 sites out there – not scraping all sites on the web. So, out of the top million, WP powers ~30%.