JavaScript localization troubles

So, Iast week, while translating the latest Core strings, I found a bug in Core, where they were not using proper plural translation functions (_n, etc.) for plural strings. Instead, they were just doing an if ( 1 === count ) check and using two different strings for singular and plural form. I filled a bug report and went to the shiny-updates (thats where the changes are coming from) Slack channel to point out this will not fly for the many languages that have more than one plural form.
And I got quickly dismissed with “we don’t have _n() ported to JS, so just use generic strings for your translations”. And a link to a 4 year old ticket that will probably go on being open for another 4 years.

Is it just me, or do you guys also think it’s a bad practice to knowingly put badly localized code into Core just to make Shiny Updates a bit more shiny in English?