Load average increased after clear the W3cache plugin cache

(kanewilliam) #1

I have maintained the wordpress blog site. Once i have test my site load average time in JMeter. Before delete the w3cache plugin cache i have initiate load count 100 and my load average was 05.34MS.

Then I clear the W3Cache plugin all cache and then process the load test in Jmeter. This time i have initiate load count 10 and my load average was passed above 100.84MS.

Please let me know what is the reason load average increased high speed. (I know after clear cache the page load time increase) but above 100MS is too much.

(Leland Fiegel) #2

We need a lot more information. For starters, where is your site hosted? Have you compared to other caching plugins?

If you just deleted the cache, it seems pretty normal to have a higher load on fresh page loads because the cache needs to rebuild for those pages.