LoadImpact Alternative?

Anyone know of an alternative for LoadImpact? LoadImpact is great although the pricing is quite high especially for bootstrapped startups.

If you’re unfamiliar with LoadImpact, I’m looking for a site benchmarking tool that can test a number of concurrent visits then plot the response times of a site.

Their free tests come with 1-50 user visits, but what I really want to know is when the breaking point of the site/service/WP plugin I’m building is, maybe 1-500 users visits or even more. The pricing of LoadImpact is fine if you only want to do a single test, but if we’re trying to optimize the code and re-check the performance again, that would mean another payment altogether.

Check Blitz

Btw. I tried free LoadImpact, but I m really not sure, if results was regular and I can believe that, bc. while test on LoadImpact showed me huge load, but server stats did not show something and site respond normally.

Never done this sort of testing before, but I was going to mention Blitz as well.

Let us know how it works out for you.

Been trying Blitz out for the past hour. So far, I can’t get any decent tests to run, even similar 1-50 user tests across 5 minutes with the ones LoadImpact does for the free tests. My server just stops responding, freezes and I need to reboot it. It’s weird. To check, I ran LoadImpact again because maybe my server really just can’t handle it. However the tests from there seem normal and they don’t make my server freeze up. :frowning:

FYI: correction, you can get up to 250 user visit tests with LoadImpact with the free account.

I had similar experience, that is why I m not sure if Loadimpact really test site :smiley: or how its doing, bc. I did not have any impact on site, while with blitz server just crashed at some point, so test was real.

I don’t know :open_mouth: Your guess is as good as mine. With LoadImpact I tested up to 100 users and there’s a definite response time increase on my site above 80 consecutive users. So that may be my limit. With Blitz after 7 users my 10 second timeout triggers and the server becomes unresponsive and needs a reboot.

Some of the tools I recommend are:

Blitz.io already discussed, nice service it’s rush testing does exactly what it says on the tin.

Bees With Machine Guns which generates lot’s of EC2 Instances

With software rather then remote service (or if its not a well thought out remote service) you might need to switch of any firewall or WAF which will of course bias significantly the results as you will be coming from a very limited IP pool.
But you have
MultiMechanize, Siege, HTTPerf

Which are handy for smaller scale testing.

Just found good tester Loader
I did many tests with it and it works well.