Looking for Managed VPS Hosting, what are you guys using?

(Jeffrey Carandang) #1

Hi Everyone,

I’m currently researching for Managed VPS Hosting since I’ve been using WiredTree and been acquired by LiquidWeb. What are you guys using? Any recommendations? Below is my specs from WiredTree and Price :

» Intel Dual Xeon Server (32 Cores)
» 4.5GB Guaranteed Memory was: 4GB
» 90GB RAID-10 Pure SSD Disk Space was: 80GB
» 10TB Route-Optimized Bandwidth was: 6TB
» 2 Dedicated IPs
» R1soft Daily Backups Included in price
» cPanel / WHM Included in price
» Fully Managed
» 24x7 Proactive Monitoring + Service Restoration
» ServerShield® Server Hardening
» 100% VPS Node Uptime SLA
» $68/month + $20/mo for LiteSpeed


(Leland Fiegel) #2

Just to clarify, is LiquidWeb planning on shutting down the product you’re using as part of the acquisition?

If not, and you’ve been happy with it, I’d stick around for enough time to evaluate any post-acquisition change in service before jumping ship.

That sounds like a pretty decked out server though. What are you using it for exactly? If anything, I would recommend downgrading if the specs are far beyond what you need.

I stuff all my WordPress sites on a single $10/month Digital Ocean droplet (1 GB RAM, 1 core, 30 GB SSD, 3 TB bandwidth) and it works great. It’s unmanaged, but I don’t mind managing myself.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #3

They’ve migrated us to there servers and I’ve actually pay for renewals until December this year to test there services out but in 2months of staying my sites suffers lot of downtime and there support isn’t that good compared to WiredTree. Reading actual customer experience also on webhostingtalk : https://www.webhostingtalk.com/tags.php?tag=wiredtree , there are more that were not tagged on wiredtree; seems like moving away is the right move right now.

My main site is using EDD and the rests are plugin demo sites and landing pages. I’m also using DigitalOcean since I’ve started there and I love it but I need Managed Hosting as of the moment to have peace of mind on server related areas.

As of the moment my top choices are KnownHost, FutureHosting, A2Hosting and FlyWheel. I’m just waiting for there response for my concerns but will really happy to check what you guys are using. Thanks again!



I use Vultr and ServerPilot. It should be enough for your needs, check it. You use own Digital Ocean, Amazon, Google or Vultr account there. Cost just 10$ extra and you get one click server install, one click WP install, one click Let’s Encrypt. It does not provide a backup or any additional feature so it’s lightweight server and not much can break there. (compared to bloated server with a lot of features).

To be honest "managed’ mostly means a server setup and some UI for deploying a web app. After Linux and Server things (php, mysql, nginx … ) are setup, it runs for years without some enormous “managing” needs.

I never experience any downtime or issues on Digital Ocean or Vultr.
Just check, for example FlyWheel, they limit monthly visits? There is already bandwidth limit, why also visits? Don’t expect much for your money there.

Reality is that while some websites (for example WPchat) are hosted on few $ DO server and works smoothly, you will find many WP related business hosted on complicated and expensive infrastructure or “custom VPS” (Pagely, Amazon …) but these perform worse with more issues.

… just my experience.

(Ben) #5

I use Liquidweb at the moment. When I first started using them their support was really good but it does seem to have gone downhill over the last year or so.

I run one website on Digital Ocean & Server Pilot for my brother in laws business - and I’d like to use Digital Ocean for all my sites but:

  1. I don’t feel confident enough in server management to want to run everything there.
  2. I can’t face the time and effort required to move everything and get it all working the same as it does currently.

(Ben) #6

Surely that depends on knowledge though? If something does break - or you want to update something - then who do you call? I don’t know anything about managing a server so I would rather pay a bit more and have that taken care of for me.


Sure, I just wanna point to, that more simple hosting environment = less chance something will break and less requirements for maintaining.

As you already know probably, sometimes even completely free solution (GitHub Pages) can works better and smoother than “Amazon infrastructure with load balancing” and it does not require so much work.

I totally understand that if somebody love to code plugins and spend all the time there it’s not so effective and enjoyable to spend the whole night to set up Let’s Encrypt for example :wink:

(Leland Fiegel) #8

Ah, I see. I haven’t used Flywheel before but they’re currently the top rated managed WordPress host on ReviewSignal. I’d probably look there first.

I’d focus your search on managed WordPress hosting, not necessarily raw/managed VPS products. I don’t think you really need all that stuff from your current managed VPS like cPanel/WHM unless you’re reselling cPanel hosting to clients or something.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #9

Thanks everyone! Talking to several hosting providers and will definitely update this thread whenever I’ve chose a better provider :slight_smile: Setting up DO/Vultr/Linode + ServerPilot isn’t an option for me as of the moment. Really need a peace of mind and hands-off on server related areas to focus more on business :wink: @leland FlyWheel seems has solid service, inquiring on visit limits since they already has bandwidth limit. Thanks again!


(Dan Knauss) #10

Add ServerPilot for some easier management.

I’ve never used LW but they have WP people there.

(Jeffrey Carandang) #11

Saw that too! Too bad my current subscription with them is the VPS. Seems like they have great WP people - Chris Lema and Luke Cavanagh.

(Leland Fiegel) #12

You know, I’ve been meaning to try that. Heard lots of good things about ServerPilot.

I started using EasyEngine recently and it makes spinning up new sites a breeze.

(Yash Chandra) #13

I just started experimenting with ServerPilot. Looks great so far and makes it easy to setup WordPress sites. I am on free plan as of now so cannot really comment on their other features like logs, server health etc but will be converting soon.

(Dan Knauss) #14

It is very good.

I am REALLY pleased you mentioned EasyEngine, because I wanted to bring it up and ask if anyone has used it. I was impressed with the idea of it quite some time ago, but I never tried it out, and I could not recall the name and URL yesterday.


Practically you can simply view all your logs as a text file using your ftp client (instead of paid feature in the browser). Cool feature of paid plan is one-click Let’s Encrypt cert, however also this can be done with just small script what you will easily find if you will search for it.

It depends how much time you want to spend in a terminal and how much on something else :wink: It is dangerous zone, while you start play with it, you always want more and then can find you in situation, that you spend more time on setting up server than in your website/business :slight_smile:

I checked and tested little bit EasyEngine and it did not perform so good compared to ServerPilot (load test with many users). However it looks promising and coming update could make it better, from what I read on their website.

Still with ServerPilot (what is great and I use it for years) you rely on somebody/something with access to your server. On other hands EasyEngine brings you total control/freedom with some “terminal interface” what I like.