Looking for Some WooCommerce Contacts

(Derek Feagin) #1

I have a site that is currently live and we are having some WooCommerce stock issues. We are going to start using WP All Import. I think we might need some help getting the initial import stood up and working correctly and then the follow-up syncing of inventory on a nightly basis. The site has approx 10k items. A handful of the items are WooCommerce standard products but the majority of the items are variable products.

If anyone is interested I would like to start a list of people that I would be able to reach out to if I can’t get this resolved in the next few days. Since it is a live site and we are having stock issues we need to get this resolved fairly quickly.



Hi Derek,
You can add me to your list and I’m looking forward to receiving more details about this project.

(Yash Chandra) #3

My team and I work a lot with WooCommerce and I am happy to discuss any questions/issues.