LoopConf, the WordPress conference for developers

Just heard about this via Post Status.

LoopConf is a niche WordPress conference geared only toward developers, organized by Ryan of WP Site Care. It will take place from May 7-8 2015 in Vegas.

From the website:

LoopConf is the greatest conference ever created for WordPress developers. LoopConf came about as we heard technically-minded folks talk about wanting to get together and dive deep into advanced engineering and development topics.

The speaker lineup looks stacked so far, including @syedbalkhi. All listed on the website linked above.

While dev tracks at WordCamps can get pretty advanced, a focused conference on solely development-related topics sounds intriguing.

Will you be attending?

Thanks for the mention Leland.

We’re really excited to put on the event. We’re definitely inspired by events like Pressnomics and An Event Apart that do an amazing job of bring people together and having an amazing time, all while learning from the best minds in the industry.

We’ll be adding more speakers over the next few weeks, and once our lineup is finalized we’ll publish all of the information to our website and tickets will go on sale shortly there after.

We’ll also have a live stream of the event that will be free for everyone, so we’re really excited about that too. If anyone has questions at all, feel free to reply to me here and I’ll help out.

Thanks for the mention!

Looks great, always nice to see conferences on WP, and since I’m a developer… especially ones geared for developers :smile:

I can drive to Vegas as well, so win-win. Are you still looking for more speakers @ryandonsullivan?

Edit: I saw the link on the site for speaker submission. Submitted!

That’s Excellent! :smiley:

@ryandonsullivan Thanks so much for stopping by. It looks like a great conference and looking forward to seeing the finalized speaker list. Also think it’s really cool that the live stream will be free.

@kalenjohnson Best of luck with your speaker application. :smiley:

LoopConf is streaming live right now, btw: https://loopconf.io/live/

They’re also putting up videos of talks pretty quickly after they happened, so check out the youtube channel as well if there’s something you missed.

Yup, this seems like a great conference. I know it’s not that easy to get an event off the ground with this much traction and participation and buzz, so big kudos on that to @ryandonsullivan and team…