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(Ben) #1

Massive hi to all,

I’ve recently launched a new website called LyrWP. It’s a curated collection of WordPress themes, plugins and services.

The idea behind the site is to highlight the creative works of talented developers within the WordPress world, it’s setup to support and highlight independent WordPress themers, plugin developers and service companies.

I make no bones about it, LyrWP will not entertain any themes / plugins from marketplaces such as Themeforest, CodeCanyon etc. Nothing against them, I just wanted to create something that supports people that have gone it alone with their products.

There’s no affiliate links on LyrWP, I’m dead against that. It’s a resource for people to find products that will help them not to make money from half baked crap products.

I’ve had quite a successful launch on Product Hunt and the site has had over 150 upvotes, I need your help though!

Looking to work with designers/developers of WordPress products, with a view to adding their themes / plugins to LyrWP.

It’s impossible for me to be everywhere at once! There’s already been some submissions on LyrWP of plugins / themes I’ve never heard of! So I know it’s working!!!

That’s where you come in :smile: so if you’d like to connect or wanted to submit your plugin / theme please feel free to visit looking forward to hearing from you!

(Ben) #2

Hey Ben - nice resource you have there.

I keep meaning to submit some of my themes to it - will have to make some time to do that soon.

(Mahdi Yazdani) #3

The road is tough for these kinds of handpicked item repositories, but you can have it a try.
Submitted two of my items so far.