Make Your Woo business stand out from the crowd | Webinar with BobWP

Hi guys,

At WisdmLabs, we’re planning an amazing chat session with Bob Dunn aka BobWP!

It’ll be a webinar followed by a QnA session where we’re going to talk a lot of things starting from COVID & eCommerce to building your brand perception( irrespective of if you’re a product owner or independent developer), and the best part of making friends!

So, what are you guys doing on the bright (hopefully) sunny morning/afternoon/night of October 15th? At, 12.30PM(EST)/9.30AM(PDT)/10.00PM(IST)?

We would absolutely love if all of you’d be there! With all the extremely brilliant insights and knowledge from Bob Dunn; with your presence, we can also get some really amazing conversations rolling!

RSVP here.

Eagerly looking forward to meeting you there :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Samrat_Roy ,

I’ve been following BobWP on twitter for a while now. He’s gonna be great!

Also, if you’re looking for guests who can talk about WordPress, digital marketing, e-commerce, creating-, delivering- and selling digital content, membership sites, online courses, content marketing, etc, I would love to be a guest on your show. I’m an Entrepreneur, 7-time Author, Podcaster, WordPress Developer, Digital Marketer, Business Coach, Speaker, and also an Amateur Ventriloquist :slight_smile: . You can read a little bit about me here.


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