Making a site similar to WP Chat

There is a plugin and a theme to create a site similar to
Thank you

WP Chat runs free, open-source software called Discourse. It is not powered by WordPress.


haaaaaaaaaaave you ever explained why a site dedicated to chatting about WP, is not powered by WP?

I talk about it a bit here:

Basically, I just like Discourse.

I’m all for choosing the right tool for the job

The site I use for my released WP Plugins is powered by Grav. Why?
a. because I can
b. because with GB-doomsday looming I wanted to try out something new
c. because it is incredibly fast

Have a look for yourself:


Hi @ciaoamigos,

Making a similar website is really easy. I have asked this question before you on this forum and ask to @leland privately to help me about building a forum on a different subject, not WP. He mentioned the Discourse. I have spent some time to learn and I have set it up on a DigitalOcean droplet. It is really easy. Thank you @leland to show me the way not giving a fish :slight_smile:

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How are you satisfied with Grav? I tried it several times, but never got enough performance boost over WP and few templates I tried did not output a cleaner front-end code compared to WP themes.

I have several simple websites and Grav is powerful enough to handle them, but somehow I still did not find enough advantages against WP + static cache plugin.

BTW. I can admit, that use Discourse is a joy and compared to other forum solutions it’s superb (at least from my front-end user experience).

I actually like Grav for small projects. There is a bit of a learning curve, but I like that there is no need for a database. I’m actually seeing enough performance boost, but that is of course related to the site and therefore quite subjective I guess.

Playing devil’s advocate…why? There are so many sites like this about WordPress. Even in just the comments.

Like when a new version of WP, there are at least 100 sites and podcasts saying “hey, new WP version”.

I think the community is over-saturated.

I think I have to add this;

Technology is not important than you think. The community is the first to make a place better.