Managing Passwords

Hi Guys,

How do you store your passwords? I’ve signed up in hundreds of websites with same/similar passwords because i remember that.

I use Ubuntu and any advice on good password managers would be appreciated. Any free options you guys use which is secure and useful to you?


I use icloud Keychain on Mac, and it works well for me as it saves not only passwords but bookmarks too in the cloud, so less work if reinstalling the OS. Just this week I tried some apps, but I did not find many advantages of using them.

While I used Chrome in the past, I used Chrome synch, it worked well too. I think Firefox has some similar tool. I am not familiar with Ubuntu, but probably browser solution could be ok, as it synchronizes passwords, settings and bookmarks across devices.

For my needs, the integrated solutions work the best, as I prefer simplicity. Any third party app just added additional step/requirements for me, what is not my cup of coffee :wink:

Our team uses 1Password. It’s really awesome for sharing credentials across teams, while also having personal (or family) credentials. A collection of credentials is called a vault, and you can have and share vaults. Recently they also made it possible to search for a password between all vaults at once, which is extremely handy. It has chrome extensions and apps for tablets/mobile devices. It’s just plain solid, highly recommended. :slight_smile:

I use 1Password, and have for years. It never let me down.

So, far I am happy with my brain :slight_smile:

On that note…

For me it’s not much about remembering passwords, but that it’s much faster and comfortable just to click login with predefined login credentials than fill up those annoying columns all the time.
Still can’t imagine how people can use two-factor authentication :confused:

Thank you guys for your responses. Sticking with chrome for now.